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Trending Web Design: Card & Dynamic Grid Layouts

Whether a website design is minimalist or maximalist in style, one layout element remains true – the design must be sharp and easy for the user to navigate. Grid and card layouts have become widely used for sites of all types, but primarily for pages with a high volume of data or relevant calls to action. The popularity of cards can best be attributed to the rise of mobile usage. Though it is used widely by designers and developers – the trend will certainly continue – and for good reason. Delivering digestible information in a clear way allows a user the ability to consume a great deal of information at one time. Acting as ‘containers’ for content, their usually boxy shape lends easy arrangement across multiple devices. Originally gaining ground via image sharing and social media platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram, cards have become one of the go-to implementations…

2 months, 6 days ago

Merging Marketing, Design and Sales Efforts Into An Aligning Digital Strategy

Today, standard business operations increasingly exist primarily on digital platforms, challenging users’ relationships and interactions with an organization. Vital to a successful business, these channels must be recognized, developed and thoughtfully implemented. Acting as the fundamental delivery method of determining this engagement, the use of a digital strategy is essential for any organization. With the goal of brand awareness, increased outreach and market share gain, business owners make investments in these critical pursuits without having core strategies in place and even more worrisome – jumping into resource draining marketing plans that simply don’t align with their business goals or brand messaging. Often marketing, design and sales departments operate in linear motion with only a few essential cross functional touch-points along the way. This results in duplicate activities, watered down results and a disjointed overall experience. So how can these efforts merge – allowing a digital strategy to align with business…

3 months, 13 days ago

Key Principles of Creating an Immersive Web Design

It’s now more important than ever to deliver an online experience that authentically delivers the perspective of the brand it represents. Leveraging a combination of visual, contextual, graphic and textual elements – a brand has the ability to make stronger connections. From initial perceptions to emotions and behavioral responses – the more connective the experience is, the deeper the loyalty between brand and user will be. By approaching a strategy inclusive of immersive web design  – users are greeted with new developments in interactivity, design technique and integrated engagement. These implementations create an experience that is both memorable, useful and provides an ease of use to the user. Immersive web experiences are truly the next level of engagement, creating an environment that is seamless and entertaining to the user, but is actually quite complex. Though immersion can be any number of implementations inclusive of animation, transitions, webgraphics or micro-interactions – one of the…

3 months, 20 days ago

Elements to Look For When Deciding On an Outside Team for Marketing Collaboration

From startup to enterprise, there are a myriad of challenges in hiring the right creative team for any given project. Finding the right group of individuals to handle a product launch, event campaign or website design can be a daunting task, even holding the health of the business in the balance, so choosing the right agency to partner with is vital to a positive outcome. Even if conducted solely in-house with internal teams who have an intimate understanding of the brand at hand, each branding initiative is a coordinated effort of stakeholders, accountability, idea generation and – let’s face it, ultimately –  a juggling act. Even with the right internal resources, it can be a benefit for companies and brands to obtain an outside perspective from both creative and logistical standpoints. Individuals who can objectively look at assets and then engage with the material are able to design pathways and…

4 months, 28 days ago

Increasing Engagement: Aligning Visual and Contextual Content

The simple truth is that users now depend on visuals to be the deciding factor in choosing what content is worth engaging with. In a content-first, social-first atmosphere because people are constantly bombarded with content its important to get your message across quickly, pack a punch, and make it as easy as possible to consume and engage. Without the right imagery – the audience might as well be looking at a blank canvas. There is no company or brand in the world that isn’t engaging in some sort of visual content strategy. Visual storytelling and content strategies – no matter how well crafted – all come down to the visuals that drive the message. If a great story is paired with a bad visual, it will lose credibility and therefore, be rendered uninteresting to its audience. Add in the rapid pace of information consumption by the mobile set, and visuals…

8 months, 11 days ago

ArtVersion: Most Promising Web Development & Design Solution Provider of 2016

CIOReview announces ArtVersion as one among the 20 Most Promising Web Development Solution Providers of 2016. Selected by a distinguished panel comprising of industry CEOs, CIOs, IT VPs including CIOReview editorial board, we are pleased to be included in this esteemed list of industry agents. This ranking is based on ArtVersion’s specialties in Web Design, Web Development, Graphic Design, Visual Branding, and UI/UX Design. Equipped with proven solutions driven by best practices, we offer purposeful insights specific to every project from content to ecommerce. Through an iterative web design process, the result is a scalable, intuitive and relevant web experience. “It’s a great honor to select ArtVersion as one of the 20 Most Promising Web Development Solution Providers 2016,” said Jeevan George, Managing Editor of CIOReview. “ArtVersion designs and build platforms that allow companies to articulate their corporate culture and embrace user engagement.” Alongside this award, CIOReview interviewed agency principal and creative…

10 months, 25 days ago

Transforming the Digital Customer Experience

There are many reasons why conversions are made or lost – and optimization cannot be made on mapping every move of every user. If drop rates are way up or way down, then the data is reviewed and changes made – but this could be too little too late. With a solid customer experience (CX) strategy in place, a business can retain more customers and make more meaningful connections. In fact, recent studies have shown that having an ongoing customer experience strategy in place has increased revenues and improved internal culture, helping to achieve a more sustainable growth pattern. Though rewarding, a CX strategy must be crafted carefully to create the opportunity for synergies to occur between brand and customer, and a great deal must be accomplished behind the scenes. From client management to strategy and design teams – getting to the end result requires multiple talents, tasks and layers to make…

1 year, 1 month ago

AMP Project: What You Need to Know Now

AMP, or Accelerated Mobile Pages, is a project introduced by Google last year. Initially designed for news results and ‘top stories’, AMP’s capabilities have recently expanded into main search results. Available to any digital publisher, AMP is an open standard that enables pages to load quickly on mobile devices. In terms of what mobile search users will experience, pages that are AMP optimized will display the AMP lightning bolt in search results, indicating that the page and it’s content is available in a mobile format, rather than just mobile friendly. It’s clear that AMP will help mobile users find and view desired information with a higher level of ease and satisfaction. When searching and landing on the results page, users can choose to click through to AMP optimized sites. When clicked, content on those pages will load instantaneously in a pre-rendered, above the fold structure. Though page rankings are not…

1 year, 3 months ago

VERSIONS™ Collective Manifesto Is Here

Versions Collective, the ArtVersion design collaborative, has released volume 1.03 of their publication discussing the design process its and relation to technology, the VERSIONS™ Collective Manifesto. In the book, the creative think-tank explores how the experience of both print and digital design has evolved and what the current landscape looks like. Ignited by a simple conversation at ArtVersion’s Chicago office, the VERSIONS™ Collective Manifesto publication was imagined as springboard to gain a deeper understanding of core design values in relation to the agile movement of technology. In the VERSIONS™ Manifesto, the collective discusses how the evolution of digital technology has shaped design and how users have responded. Reviewing traditional design processes with emerging innovations, the VERSIONS™ Collective Manifesto repositions the critical relationship between digital and analog. Principal creative director and founder of ArtVersion Interactive, Goran Paunovic, discusses the birth and catalyst behind the project – “Our goal was to express our point of view…

1 year, 8 months ago

Simple Optimization Tips for Boosting Facebook Business Engagement

Social media management can be a tricky balance for a brand or business. It’s one thing to connect personally with family photos, vacations and the link but for a company to truly connect with it’s customer base and potential customers, each brand must become fully fluent in the platform that best suits it and resonate it’s true message. Many agree that a company must have a social media presence to truly connect with it’s audience, and Facebook is the main event. It can however, be winding road to determine what sort of articles or posts get the most interaction, how can we increase engagement with our followers, and create the most meaningful experience? How can we glean the most benefit from one of the most popular social media networks in the world? There are a few ways to assist you in making your Facebook posts make a more meaningful impression….

2 years, 1 month ago