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Assessing ROI: Effectively Measuring Marketing Tools to Track and Improve Value

From traditional marketing campaigns such as white papers and brochures to digital and social media implementations – it can be difficult to track what the benefits are without the use of right tools and analysis. For a business to understand what applications can help with distinguishing return on investment in marketing efforts, a great starting point is to identify company goals rather than direct profit. While the overall goal for a business is to increase profit, generating growth it is not always as simple as integrating your marketing activities into an overall business line calculation. The key is using the correct tools, setting proper expectations and monitoring the return on investment.  Goal Setting  Determining which factors to quantify is essential to delivering the right information. As a rule of thumb, always begin with company goals. Knowledge of what goals and metrics mean are critical to the brand are important for…

2 days ago


For many businesses, time is almost always at a minimum and a rebrand isn’t always top of mind. However, refreshing a brand is not only necessary to stay relevant, but directly influences profit. A brand refresh is a way to promote a new and improved brand, website and visuals. The process can actually be a great tool for a brand to learn more about their vision, with the correct tools and assistance. While a brand refresh doesn’t mean a brand is completely revamped or unrecognizable, it is focused around the idea of evaluating areas that could use a new perspective, either visually or in context or expanding and leveraging on the aspects that are working well. This could be in support of a new product launch, reaching a new market, or invigorating an existing customer base. As a business grows, it is important that brand reflects that growth and the current…

11 days ago