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Brand Centered Marketing: How The Right Imagery Affects Strategy

In marketing and advertising, whether print or digital, no element is arguably more essential than imagery. With roughly 80 percent of consumers more likely to read a piece of content that contains colorful, relevant visuals – an integrated and aligning image strategy is a highly effective method for increasing market share. If a brand is not effectively using imagery as a part of an overall marketing strategy – they are missing out on revenues and valuable conversion opportunities. Marketing strategy encompasses a wide range of activities, but they all work together to produce brand image. The presence of a positive brand image is critical to the longevity of a business, and imagery is a powerful tool in forging this connection with the consumer and overall industry performance. Brand-centric and customized imagery – including illustrations, custom photography and carefully curated stock photography can boost a brand’s position and recognition in the…

1 year, 3 months ago

Brand Experience is All-Inclusive

It’s easy to get immersed in the digital aspect of a brand experience with measurable ROI and supporting interactive elements, but creating a total brand experience goes far beyond virtual. Successful brand strategy and campaign development encompass touchpoints that expand to all aspects of a user’s relationship with a company or brand. From the first point of contact to conversion all the way to customer retention strategies – brands must leverage all platforms possible to guide the experience to sustain a lasting relationship. Since attending PRINT 17 earlier this month, the ArtVersion team has been reflecting on the strength of graphic communications when paired with great design. Discussing industry-ranging innovation, education, and methodologies – the team was given an up-close look at the latest technologies and trends for pathway implementation. With the power to forge connections and change the face of business, marketers, and designers must utilize these tools to…

1 year, 4 months ago

Right Now: Five Packaging Trends Driving Brand Growth

Packaging design trends provide us with direct insight into what consumers feel, what problems they need to solve and what is coming next. Today, it’s all about connection, understanding and engagement. Designers are tasked with uncovering, realizing and articulating what is important to a consumer and to direct that experience. Through story, shape and structure, designers and brands can deliver the experience to make invaluable connections that last a lifetime. Brand Basic Gone are the days of generic or in house brands being a bad thing. House labels from brands like Amazon, Whole Foods, Target and Trader Joes – even luxury brands are emerging to focus on simplicity and clarity. A departure from the often headache inducing ‘world of choice’ that permeates store shelves, basic brands are the ‘unchoice’ making purchasing a straightforward affair. Heritage Nothing quite strikes a chord with consumers than a brand who has been around the block a time…

1 year, 5 months ago

Merging Marketing, Design and Sales Efforts Into An Aligning Digital Strategy

Today, standard business operations increasingly exist primarily on digital platforms, challenging users’ relationships and interactions with an organization. Vital to a successful business, these channels must be recognized, developed and thoughtfully implemented. Acting as the fundamental delivery method of determining this engagement, the use of a digital strategy is essential for any organization. With the goal of brand awareness, increased outreach and market share gain, business owners make investments in these critical pursuits without having core strategies in place and even more worrisome – jumping into resource draining marketing plans that simply don’t align with their business goals or brand messaging. Often marketing, design and sales departments operate in linear motion with only a few essential cross functional touch-points along the way. This results in duplicate activities, watered down results and a disjointed overall experience. So how can these efforts merge – allowing a digital strategy to align with business…

1 year, 6 months ago

5 Creative Branding Strategies That Use Non Traditional Content

One of the best ways to use brand your company is through the use of content. A great piece of content that is marketed effectively will help bring awareness to your brand while also building your credibility. While you can probably use standard articles in your branding efforts, non traditional content can often be a better alternative as content in the form of videos and images can really pick up momentum on social media and really help you get the word out there. Here are five types of non traditional content that you can use for your branding. Infographics Infographics are still one of the best ways to resonate with your target audience. This type of content is delivered in a punchy and visual manner which is incredibly effective in getting readers to pay attention to the content and actually consume it. Producing constant infographics can be a great branding…

2 years, 7 months ago

How Web Design Affects Marketing Initiatives

Are you planning on launching a marketing initiative soon? While you may have worked on all the aspects of the campaign from the audience targeting, copy, to the brand, but you may not have put enough work into the actual design. This is a common mistake that is made in many companies due to the desire to minimize spending on other aspects of a campaign that isn’t marketing. Design in marketing is important for several reasons as it impacts marketing in many ways. For example, web design can have a strong influence on conversions. Everything from improving user interface and user experience, by changing the layout, rearranging the action points, and presenting visuals in a unique way can produce small lifts in conversions. Sometimes, testing designs may only result in a small increase in conversions. But when you experiment with multiple elements and figure out what other elements improve conversions….

3 years, 1 month ago

Designing a Brand Around the Product

Many companies work on their brand as a strategy for marketing their products. However, many overlook the fact that it may just be as effective, if not more effective to work on the branding of their products. If you think about it, most of interaction you have with prospects revolve around the product. Consumers look at the logo, the packaging, the advertising, the reputation and of course brand promise. The reviews and the product design of the product before they buy. If that’s not a great opportunity to leave a lasting impression, what is? One of the great things about creating a brand around a product is that you have more liberty to experiment and be creative. There are a lot of restrictions to rebranding a company because being too creative or extreme can isolate an established group of customers and consumers. There is also an immense amount of equity…

3 years, 3 months ago

Engaging with A Creative Agency for Brand Refresh and Site Redesign

So you’ve come to the conclusion that your brand presentation is looking outdated, that your website is far from engaging, and that your positioning strategy needs a change. If you’re seeking help from an agency for a brand refresh or a web redesign, you need to be able to ask the right questions and work with the agency in the right manner to get the maximum value you can possibly get. Here are some tips to follow whether you’ve started working with an agency already or you’re in the midst of talking to a couple of agencies. 1. Find Somebody with Experience in Your Industry While an agency can still deliver results without having worked for clients in the same industry you belong to, it will be advantageous to work with one with the experience. Their experience will really give you insight into what works and what doesn’t work so…

3 years, 4 months ago

5 Things You Can Do to Jumpstart a Corporate Brand Refresh

Does your corporate brand image need a change? Is your visual presentation out of date or do you need to change your position in the marketplace? If so, a corporate brand refresh may be in order. However, undergoing such a project is no small task. It will require an extensive strategy session, multiple design projects, and countless iterations. If you feel that you need a change now, it might be a more practical decision to make some quick immediate changes to feel it out. Here are five things that you can do for a quick jumpstart. 1. Come up with a new logo The most obvious thing to do start your corporate brand refresh is to come up with a new logo. Many business owners take this opportunity to come up with an entirely new logo. However, doing this may actually hurt you more than help you. The reason why…

3 years, 8 months ago