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How Web Presence Impacts Overall Brand Positioning

Recent research about how small businesses use websites and social media suggests some striking trends: One in five small businesses use social media in place of a website, yet 24% of small businesses report that they do not have a formal strategy guiding their social media presence. The findings come from Clutch, a research and reviews firm based in Washington DC. “Sometimes business owners think web design is the last thing they need to think about,” says Vanessa Petersen, ArtVersion’s Executive Director of Strategy. “But once you make that decision to put in the work to [build a website], it’s amazing what it can do to ease some of the burdens of doing business.” One such burden is managing a small business’ online reputation, which is significantly easier when a small business manages their own website and tends strategically to their online presence overall. Build Trust and Credibility By providing…

11 months, 17 days ago

Creating a Market Segment Expansion Strategy

Entering a new market can be a daunting task. Whether battling a sales slump, identifying a group of customers who could benefit from a specific product or moving into a new region – segmentation has many benefits to boost business and gain new visibility. Its important to be aware that there is no business out there that is taking advantage of it’s entire (possible) customer base. An exploration into market segmentation is, simply put, finding new ways to grow as a company. As long as the organization can manage and deliver the growth, then the strategy should be sound. Expanding into a new market is essential the relaunch of a business into that market and a company should treat it as such. From new packaging, a refreshed website to a specific brand strategy for the market – the brand must resonate with the audience it’s positioning to in order to…

2 years, 11 months ago