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Building Ecommerce: Increasing Conversions

It’s estimated that over half of visitors to an ecommerce site will abandon their shopping carts for some reason or another. While there are many reasons, both known and unknown to the site owner, there are several elements that should be present to make the path to conversion as easy as possible for users. While a well-designed website may be a fully functional platform, ecommerce is complex and must be approached in a customized manner to the business. Though platforms such as Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify and others have made setting up an ecommerce site easier, sites can still be missing many of the necessary (and sometimes subtle) features needed to move a user to purchase and build a meaningful customer base. Optimize for Mobile Creating a mobile friendly, and even better – a responsively designed site adapting to multiple screens is critical to capturing the almost 50% of users who access ecommerce sites…

2 years, 5 months ago

Implementing A Digital Personalization Strategy to Achieve Heightened Conversion

A digital approach to personalization, if orchestrated well, provides users with an experience that is specific to their interests and behaviors. A personalization strategy can range from the use of complex data usage –  which offers recommendations based upon viewing history, or a simple approach on a more customer service oriented platform. Delivering a successful personalization strategy can be very tricky if not planned and implemented with the detail that users expect. Many initiatives fall flat and result in increased user drop rates and decreased user satisfaction. The ideal personalization plan can bring many benefits to both the user and brand it is supporting. Driving higher conversion, the content provided to the user is highly useful and aids in saving the user time in searching for products or information they need. By connecting platforms and algorithms to cookies (or stored data), and aligning it with a user profile  – similarities and assumptions…

3 years, 5 months ago

5 Tips for Boosting Conversion Rates Through Video

A solid content strategy, site architecture and usability testing can do incredible things for user engagement and conversion to create this connection, however, the scales are tipping for some toward a more interactive environment. The most effective experiential application to cultivate this connection, is the use of the moving image. As video becomes more and more prevalent through the immediate use of mobile phones with quality results and taking into consideration that video is popping up in over half of the top 100 search results listings – it’s become increasingly clear that this platform is an important part of a digital marketing strategy that will only continue to gain traction. We’ve extolled the virtues of visual storytelling across various platforms, and briefly touched on the use of video – here we go into detail on the specifics of how best to create engagement through this powerful application. Build a video strategy as you would a business plan…

3 years, 8 months ago