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Mapping the Customer Journey for the Ideal User Experience

Whether a marketer, UX designer or developer – the goal of understanding the user experience to engage and make conversions applies to all. There are many ways to gather information to more clearly understand the user with most becoming more advanced as greater importance is placed on UI/UX.It’s no longer enough to simply understand the basic needs of a user. A site must be designed and developed to cater to the actions and perceptions that occur at all touchpoints. To understand customers cross and omnichannel behaviors, the use of the customer journey map is ideal.  The use of customer journey mapping, for some, can seem cumbersome and time consuming. However, with increasing importance placed on user experience and expectations it has become a requirement for businesses to deeply understand and respond to the needs of their consumer. In reality, it’s a a valuable hands-on exercise that allows a team to gain a…

3 years, 7 months ago