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For any business, whether brick and mortar or solely web based, choosing a content management system for your eCommerce store is a hot topic these days, and it’s critical to understand that they are simply not all created equal.  Magento eCommerce is one of the more popular platforms available and has distinct features that make it a solid choice with companies reporting  between a 10 to 80% increase in sales due to robust Magento functions. Users also consistently report good experiences with the ecommerce platform, and Magento’s growing popularity reflects this. While Magento can be built to suit any sized organization, according to Forrester’s Q3 report, Magento is aligned as a B2B leader for mid-sized business. With some of most advanced features that an eCommerce platform can offer, Magento’s enterprise-grade features provide the flexibility needed any need a business may have.  Here are some of the reasons companies should optimize…

2 months, 23 days ago

Magento Responsive Design

Of all the eCommerce platforms currently available, Magento is by far the most popular option. Other platforms may come with certain advantageous features, but Magento offers more in the way of scalability and long-term stability for new businesses looking to take a leadership role in their markets. This is a robust platform with features such as: Open-source, which offers a strong appeal for developers Easy to customize with readily available extensions and add-on modules Accessible with a free option as well as affordable paid options for enterprise level operations SEO friendliness Open Source A platform being open-source provides a tremendous opportunity for store owners to customize the platform to suit their needs. Everything can be customized through the above mentioned add-on modules and extensions. Developers can create their own extensions and add-on modules for their own use or those of their clients. As far as web design goes, it makes…

5 years, 2 months ago