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A Plan to Launch: Strategic Mobile App Design

A great idea, enthusiastic innovators, a solid development team, and a great UI design. It may seem simple to gather the core elements of a winning mobile app, however, the result is only as good as the makers behind it. A creative and strategic team must ideate and collaborate from concept to launch in order to deliver the most optimal user experience possible. With that first-of-its-kind idea in place, the journey and design are the next most important factors at hand. Sticking to a set of user-centered design guidelines can help to ensure a design will be used successfully and propel the app to a high rate of usage and download. Keeping a consistent layout from screen to screen will allow for a seamless flow for the user. Once the user becomes familiar with the interface, a consistent design will allow them to adopt new interactions throughout the experience. A user…

2 months, 24 days ago

The Mobile Revolution

When it comes to the web capable platforms, the mobile web has created its own revolutions over the past five years, and seems to have no plans on stopping anytime soon. The mobile revolution took off mid way through 2007, and has provided our web visitors with another outlet to receive information faster, whenever they want and where ever they want. As we review the mobile revolution, do any of us have any doubt with the mobile web helping to grow our businesses? The mobile web is the fast growing, strongest, web capable platform on the market today. As of late 2012, the mobile web has flown past the desktop web to become the number one most used web capable platform on the market. The mobile web currently controls over 50% of web browsing use, on the consumer end. This revolution has gone as far as adding multiple platforms that…

6 years, 1 month ago