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Redefining User Experience for the Offline Brand

It shouldn’t be surprising that the majority of interaction done with a brand today is via the digital experience. From discoveries to first impressions to ultimate conversions, a meaningful relationship between consumer and brand can successfully, and solely exist – online. For businesses, the ability to market to users at any time or day in a targeted way via data has shifted the way we do business, created an expanded market reach and is even changing the way we communicate, on and offline. Naturally then, with so much focus and importance placed on an optimized user experience in a digital environment, much of the resources put towards marketing today are now directed toward web redesigns, UX/UI and content strategies. This is with good reason as ecommerce is on the rise and users are now performing much of their business via mobile. This digital-physical blur has caused technology to become a cornerstone…

3 years, 1 month ago