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Custom Photography for the Web: Making Unique Corporate Sites

When designing your website, it’s important to make sure that you use images that reflect what your brand is about and is also relevant to what your site is trying to achieve. While it may be cheaper to go to one of the stock photography websites for your web design, it’s a better investment to go with custom photography. There are several reasons why custom photography is the way to go. First, you want your photo to communicate the correct message. If you use stock photography, you’ll never be able to convey entirely what you’re trying to say. You are also using somebody else’s perspective and interpretation of an idea. You want to be in control of what your message is and what imagery, thoughts and emotions you want your audience to come up with. Second, it is very much possible that the photo you’re using on your website is…

3 years, 9 months ago


Photography is the visual forerunner, which assists target audiences in identifying with an organization’s brand. Audiences are able to obtain an inside look and feel into how your organization interacts with society through the use of photos. Have you neglected to notice that your current photos are outdated and need to be update, or that you do not have enough photos for your audience to view? Current and updated photos on your organization’s website, social sites, brochures, flyers and other media materials is crucial for your target audiences to stay aware and involved with all the exciting things you offer. Your organization offers an array of different, unique, and exciting items, which may tailor to different target audiences depending on the particular program being run. With the vast amount of programs, you may find it difficult to keep your organization’s photo content current. Photography should never been seen as a…

5 years, 7 months ago