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Life Cycle of the Web Design Process: A Unified Perspective

Achieving an optimal website design requires a strategy that aligns with the goals of the business it represents. When approaching web design, many jump right to the ‘design‘ portion. Thoughts of imagery, interactivity, and dynamic visuals come to mind. To attain the ideal UX, before entering this exciting design phase, the strategy and wireframing process should take place, with web designers taking a first step in projects through a layout strategy to suit the needs of the client and user. When discussing a site design, many think that a website is a one size fits all approach, and if not guided correctly, end up with an informational site that ends up having to be redesigned as soon as company needs change. Whether designer, developer, project stakeholder or client, it’s important to understand the technical aspects such as layout, wireframes, code, and content strategy and management. Understanding the process being entered…

11 months, 19 days ago

7 Best Practices for Your Site’s Call to Action

One of the most neglected parts of a sales page’s web design is the call to action button (CTA). A call to action button or link is basically the device that is used to get users to take some kind of action whether it’s signing up to an email list or going through with a purchase. Many marketers do not do enough to create a compelling CTA while others highlight the CTA in the wrong manner. A strong CTA will increase your conversion rates while also improving your site’s web usability. If you follow these best practices, you should be able to improve your CTA and as a result, your conversion rates. 1. Use active language and command the user to take action. Some great examples of strong CTAS are: Claim Your Free Trial Subscribe for Your Free Gift Lock In Your Reservation 2. Make sure that the button stands…

2 years, 3 months ago

Web Design Trends to Be Aware of in 2016

2015 saw the popularization of many web design trends such as storytelling centered design, unique typography, and minimalism. Many of these designs were effective in getting visitors to focus on the content and less on the visual aspects of the site. Despite that, these designs still produced attractive designs reminiscent of focus and minimalist elegance. With 2016 in sight, there are new emerging trends that are standing out. Some may work wonders for your site while some may be lackluster. Let’s take a look into what we can expect. The first trend that’s been on the spot light is the hamburger menu. This is basically a menu that pops up when users click on a square with three bars in the middle (hence the name). The great thing about this icon and menu design is that it creates more free space and puts more emphasis on the main content. This…

2 years, 4 months ago

How Web Design Affects Marketing Initiatives

Are you planning on launching a marketing initiative soon? While you may have worked on all the aspects of the campaign from the audience targeting, copy, to the brand, but you may not have put enough work into the actual design. This is a common mistake that is made in many companies due to the desire to minimize spending on other aspects of a campaign that isn’t marketing. Design in marketing is important for several reasons as it impacts marketing in many ways. For example, web design can have a strong influence on conversions. Everything from improving user interface and user experience, by changing the layout, rearranging the action points, and presenting visuals in a unique way can produce small lifts in conversions. Sometimes, testing designs may only result in a small increase in conversions. But when you experiment with multiple elements and figure out what other elements improve conversions….

2 years, 4 months ago

How to Properly Relaunch Your Website with a Brand Refresh

Planning on relaunching your newly rebranded website? There’s probably a ton of things that you’ve already worked on to ensure that your brand refresh goes off without a hitch. However, there are a few small important details that you may miss. Here are some things that you should be aware of as you get into launching your newly branded website. 1. Audit your website extensively. Make sure you fix all the errors, set up 301 redirects, remove the old components of your brand/website, and ensure everything is consistent with the new brand refresh. You should have a small group of people audit your website before your launch to work out all the little kinks. 2. Let your audience know it’s still you. Launching your new brand and website is not a smooth transition so let your customers know why you changed your image and what you stand for now. Don’t…

2 years, 6 months ago

Experimental Web Development Techniques and Trends You Should Consider

Web development has come a long way in just the last few years alone. Responsive design has become the standard and there has been a shift towards simpler designs. Technology has also made it more viable for websites to be more interactive with its users. There are tons of new web development techniques that the web design/development industry is talking about with all the new advancements. If you want to improve your UI and UX, here are some experimental and trendy techniques you should test out. 1. Conditional Loading Do you have a feature-rich or media-rich site? If so, one of your constant worries is probably if your websites load quickly enough for your users (especially the mobile ones). This problem can be solved with conditional loading. Rather than loading the entirety of a page, you can just load elements when needed. For example, if your social buttons are on…

2 years, 8 months ago

The Connection Between Corporate Website Design and Branding Aspects

When it comes to corporate web design, many corporations overlook the purpose of branding and focus too much on themselves. If you look at the websites of several corporations, you’ll find that many of them talk about what they do, their past history and what they’re doing now. The atmosphere is often cold, dull and boring. It’s no wonder that these websites spark very little interest. These websites lack a strong brand identity that connects the audience to their companies. If you think about it, there isn’t much that distinguishes similar websites in a given market. They sell similar products, are designed similarly and have a similar website structure. What’s going to differentiate these websites is having a strong brand identity that resonates with their audience and creates an emotional impact. This identity is what will get people to do business with a business over another competing business. The problem…

3 years, 25 days ago

Interactive Design: Tips for Creating Interaction on Sites

The future of content or even web design could possibly be interaction and engagement. With everybody trying to compete for the user’s attention, it’s becoming more important to find ways to engage your audience. Adding interaction was always a risky endeavor because there was a high possibility that users would abandon the website due to browser conflicts and loading issues. Interaction is no longer a problem because most browser are up to date and the majority of web users are on high speed internet. This doesn’t mean that making your website completely interactive is the solution. You need to exercise balance and still keep the focus on great design. Everybody has seen examples of sites that went overboard and ending up losing their audience (and possibly a large chunk of their budget too). With that said, the idea of providing a unique and possibly entertaining experience to your users can…

3 years, 3 months ago

5 Reasons to Invest in WordPress Web Development and Design

By now, you’ve probably heard about the many benefits of running WordPress as your CMS platform. In fact, you may already be running WordPress right now on your website. But while WordPress is a low entry platform that can be adapted for both small and developed businesses, it seems that very few companies are investing in WordPress web design and development. If you’re already using some free theme or third party theme for your WordPress site, here’s are some strong reasons to invest in development. Reason #1: Uniqueness Counts Even if your website looks and functions okay, it won’t help you stand out from other websites and competitors. By investing in developing your own unique theme, you get to create a presentation that lets people instantly know that you’re different from other websites and there’s something more for them to explore. You are also allowing your brand to shine, especially…

3 years, 7 months ago

Start Your Brand Refresh with Web Redesign

Reinventing your brand is an inevitable part of running a company. Many companies go back to the drawing board to find a different way to represent their brand due to market changes, new changes or upcoming trends. And while implementing a successful brand refresh is far from easy, it is far easier if you start with a website redesign. Why is this so? Your website provides a good idea of how your presentation will look and how people respond to it before you implement brand changes all across the board. You can gauge your new brand’s effectiveness very quickly. Since the topic is going to be on web design, there is going to be the assumption that you have a clear idea of what you want your brand identity about. So to start, you’ll most likely be going to change your logo. Sometimes it’s totally unnecessary to change the brand…

3 years, 7 months ago