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How Web Presence Impacts Overall Brand Positioning

Recent research about how small businesses use websites and social media suggests some striking trends: One in five small businesses use social media in place of a website, yet 24% of small businesses report that they do not have a formal strategy guiding their social media presence. The findings come from Clutch, a research and reviews firm based in Washington DC. “Sometimes business owners think web design is the last thing they need to think about,” says Vanessa Petersen, ArtVersion’s Executive Director of Strategy. “But once you make that decision to put in the work to [build a website], it’s amazing what it can do to ease some of the burdens of doing business.” One such burden is managing a small business’ online reputation, which is significantly easier when a small business manages their own website and tends strategically to their online presence overall. Build Trust and Credibility By providing…

11 months, 17 days ago

7 Best Practices for Your Site’s Call to Action

One of the most neglected parts of a sales page’s web design is the call to action button (CTA). A call to action button or link is basically the device that is used to get users to take some kind of action whether it’s signing up to an email list or going through with a purchase. Many marketers do not do enough to create a compelling CTA while others highlight the CTA in the wrong manner. A strong CTA will increase your conversion rates while also improving your site’s web usability. If you follow these best practices, you should be able to improve your CTA and as a result, your conversion rates. 1. Use active language and command the user to take action. Some great examples of strong CTAS are: Claim Your Free Trial Subscribe for Your Free Gift Lock In Your Reservation 2. Make sure that the button stands…

2 years, 11 months ago

Web Design Trends to Be Aware of in 2016

2015 saw the popularization of many web design trends such as storytelling centered design, unique typography, and minimalism. Many of these designs were effective in getting visitors to focus on the content and less on the visual aspects of the site. Despite that, these designs still produced attractive designs reminiscent of focus and minimalist elegance. With 2016 in sight, there are new emerging trends that are standing out. Some may work wonders for your site while some may be lackluster. Let’s take a look into what we can expect. The first trend that’s been on the spot light is the hamburger menu. This is basically a menu that pops up when users click on a square with three bars in the middle (hence the name). The great thing about this icon and menu design is that it creates more free space and puts more emphasis on the main content. This…

3 years, 29 days ago

How to Properly Relaunch Your Website with a Brand Refresh

Planning on relaunching your newly rebranded website? There’s probably a ton of things that you’ve already worked on to ensure that your brand refresh goes off without a hitch. However, there are a few small important details that you may miss. Here are some things that you should be aware of as you get into launching your newly branded website. 1. Audit your website extensively. Make sure you fix all the errors, set up 301 redirects, remove the old components of your brand/website, and ensure everything is consistent with the new brand refresh. You should have a small group of people audit your website before your launch to work out all the little kinks. 2. Let your audience know it’s still you. Launching your new brand and website is not a smooth transition so let your customers know why you changed your image and what you stand for now. Don’t…

3 years, 3 months ago

The Connection Between Corporate Website Design and Branding Aspects

When it comes to corporate web design, many corporations overlook the purpose of branding and focus too much on themselves. If you look at the websites of several corporations, you’ll find that many of them talk about what they do, their past history and what they’re doing now. The atmosphere is often cold, dull and boring. It’s no wonder that these websites spark very little interest. These websites lack a strong brand identity that connects the audience to their companies. If you think about it, there isn’t much that distinguishes similar websites in a given market. They sell similar products, are designed similarly and have a similar website structure. What’s going to differentiate these websites is having a strong brand identity that resonates with their audience and creates an emotional impact. This identity is what will get people to do business with a business over another competing business. The problem…

3 years, 9 months ago

Corporate Site Design – How to Approach a Redesign Project

Has that inevitable time to redesign the corporate website come upon you? As your company grows, changes are needed and reflecting it on your website is often one of the most critical steps to moving forward. The problem is that changing when you’ve gotten comfortable with the status quo can be scary and confusing. You don’t know what to change, where to start, or how to go about doing it. Here are some guidelines that can help you get over the hurdle if you’re in the state of mind. #1 Create One Main Goal After a while, it becomes inefficient for your main website to serve multiple goals. That’s why it’s important to create one main goal that will dwarf everything else. It might be to communicate brand values to a mass audience or provide valuable information for your customers. What’s critical here is that you are clear on what…

3 years, 11 months ago

Using Responsive Web Design and UI Elements The Right Way

If you are run an eCommerce business or depend on mobile traffic for your business, you’ve probably been hammered the benefits of responsive design into your head one too many times. If you tried to convert your site into a responsive one or have at least experimented with it, then you know that it’s easier said than done. The concept of a responsive website makes sense, but using a responsive website will not guarantee you an increase in sales or traffic if it’s not implemented correctly. The reason why is because responsive requires great UI design to work well. Without great UI, your new responsive site may perform even worse than its previous incarnation. That means that investing in responsive design requires that you also invest in great design. It’s not a simple matter of using an online tool or software that instantly converts your website into a responsive format….

3 years, 11 months ago

5 Reasons to Use Visual Storytelling for Web, Print and Marketing

There is a rising trend of using visual storytelling to sell products, educate consumers, and connect with audiences. This comes as no surprise as visual elements make content pop to eyes in a way that text alone simply cannot. While visual storytelling is pretty common in the digital medium, it’s not used as much in other marketing channel. If you haven’t used visual storytelling or have only used it in a limited manner, here are five reasons why you should increase its usage it in all mediums. Reason #1: You Can Convey Complex Concepts in a Simple Manner Sometimes, it can be difficult to convey complex concepts to an audience. For example, how do you explain that your headphones feature a technology that produce a crisper yet balanced sound? With the use of visual aids and short explanations, it will be people to understand the concept and even buy into…

4 years, 9 days ago

5 Reasons to Invest in WordPress Web Development and Design

By now, you’ve probably heard about the many benefits of running WordPress as your CMS platform. In fact, you may already be running WordPress right now on your website. But while WordPress is a low entry platform that can be adapted for both small and developed businesses, it seems that very few companies are investing in WordPress web design and development. If you’re already using some free theme or third party theme for your WordPress site, here’s are some strong reasons to invest in development. Reason #1: Uniqueness Counts Even if your website looks and functions okay, it won’t help you stand out from other websites and competitors. By investing in developing your own unique theme, you get to create a presentation that lets people instantly know that you’re different from other websites and there’s something more for them to explore. You are also allowing your brand to shine, especially…

4 years, 4 months ago

WordPress for Magazine Publishers

Why WordPress Is The Perfect Platform for Small and Large Magazine Publishers As a publisher, it becomes difficult to manage and update a site due to the amount of content that is being added on a regular basis. WordPress is the perfect platform if this is the kind of business you are running or building. While it looks very simple when you set it up right out the box, you can transform it to a publishing site that rivals some of the most well known sites with the right customizations. Here are some of the reasons why WordPress should be you go-to platform as a publisher. Reason #1: It’s Easy to Manage and Publish Content With a single click, you can publish your content to your website and also quickly make edits if necessary. The interface is intuitive and easy to get used to. You can also categorize your content…

4 years, 4 months ago