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Wireframing and the UI/UX Design Process

When kicking off a web design project, it’s no secret that clients would like to get to the design phase as quickly as possible. Even if there is a clear understanding of the project being user experience centered, everyone wants to see color and content, both visual and contextual as soon as they can. Providing a high-level view of what a site will look like, this lo-fi versioning of a website gives a ‘black and white’ skeletal representation of what the mapping (both navigation and content based) of how the site will ultimately function for the user. It’s important to understand that the wireframe process is an integral step in paving the ideal pathway for the user and determining how the site’s main navigation will function. Much of the entire design process, and particularly in the initial phase – the project requires the ability to clearly communicate message and collaborate…

2 years, 5 months ago