Event Material | Case Study


Delivering Actionable Data and Engagement


The mission of Breezometer is simple: help cities and businesses improve the health and quality of life for millions of people worldwide. With a goal to reach more than 6 billion people (85% of the world’s population) who live in areas where air quality guidelines are exceeded, the team needed to expand its outreach strategy.


Providing in-depth information in a concise and intuitive manner can be a challenge. Through content analysis, creative direction, style development, market research and intensive client collaboration, ArtVersion swiftly developed refreshed visuals for upcoming trade events. Combining engaging data visualization with carefully defined color schemes and image curation helped deliver impactful tonality throughout the storytelling approach.

Data Visualization

Breezometer’s hope is to change the course of global warming and carbon usage by ‘making the invisible, visible’. In this case, no greater impact can be made than through the use of data visualization. By placing data in a visual context, patterns, trends and correlations that might have been hidden, are exposed, making a greater impact.

Lead Generation

Newly designed assets launching at critical industry events resulted in an immediate increase in new client leads and contract closings in addition to the initiation of overall consumer interest including list building and e-newsletter list acquisition.

The Result

Eye-catching and memorable details such a die-cuts, heightened calls to action and optimized content delivered materials to drive conversation and conversion. The newly refreshed look and feel led to a system-wide update for both digital and print assets across the organization’s communications.