Corporate Identity | Case Study

Coherent Economics

An Intuitive Approach to a Complex Industry


Offering solutions to complex litigation and regulatory disputes, Coherent Economics is the world-leading consultancy in the application of economic theory and analysis to real-world conduct. Led by a team of financial innovators, experts, affiliates and consultants – the organization sought a comprehensive rebrand to authentically reflect their service offerings and rich resources. As a part of a collaborative, Coherent Economics maintains relationships with several other firms, consultants, and experts which requires branding efforts to appeal across multiple user sets to effectively assemble and scale resources to meet the needs of a vast client base.

Web Design


Aligning with the firm’s perspective, the project began with an in-depth competitive analysis leading to the iterative process of brand development including the introduction of a modern typeface and color scheme to be applied consistently across all corporate identity assets. We designed the identity to meet both user and business needs with unique elements for visual recognition, communicating Coherent’s intellect for the financial sphere and making it easy for users to connect and intuit the messaging.

The Result

A cohesive brand system allows the firm to reflect their most important conversion strategy: trust. The new modern look and feel, coupled with a refined approach to content and visual cues extends an air of significance and ease of use to the user, making the detailed information easier to read with minimal effort, leading to an overall optimized user connection. All of these elements come together for a streamlined experience that conveys the expertise of Coherent Economics to the consumer. The refreshed brand exceeded all internal expectations and inspired a revamp of the company’s digital assets.

Building Trust

Nowhere is it more critical to cultivate brand trust than in the financial market. Routinely delivering expert opinions on damages, and providing informed analysis and support in mediation and settlement negotiations are daily tasks for Coherent, and trust is a necessity. Through optimized content and a more in-depth organizational narrative, branding efforts are individualized, forming more personal relationships across the consumer base.