Pressed Vibrance

Let’s be honest. An authentic brand strategy and modern visual identity, Pressed Vibrance is poised to create a wellness revolution.

Package Design | Case Study

Pressed Vibrance

Uncovering Strategic Brand Vision

The Challenge

Born out of a transformative moment in the wellness industry, Pressed Vibrance leverages cutting-edge research to optimize the health of each unique customer by tailoring fresh juices, meal plans, and supplements to support total health and well-being. With all organic ingredients and the use of nutrigenomics, Pressed Vibrance knew that a superior product was only half the battle, and they needed a fresh approach to brand expression to meet consumer demand and gain successful market entry.

Logic & Strategy

Understanding that ‘raw, vibrant, different’ is the new norm for wellness products, the first goal of our collaboration was to highlight the differentiating factors that Pressed Vibrance brought to the table. Working closely with the company’s founders, studying the health and wellness markets we concluded that packaging, brand image and visual identity systems needed to carry the same transparency that the product itself embodied.


With this objective in mind, we conducted a comprehensive audit and analysis of content, assets and competitive landscape. Taking these insights, along with the brand perspective of ‘reclaiming vibrancy and empowering health’, our designers created a a bold, streamlined visual language that would authentically reflect the company, highlighting product specifications and benefits.


Allowing the naturally generated color pallets and hues of the product to be a central focus through a clear package, a flexible graphic system was created to approach content in a similarly strategic manner to emphasize the ingredients within. Complementing the purity of contents to be consumed, typography is modern, non-distracting and and easy to take in quickly, ultimately speaking directly to the consumer. Upon further collaboration, the Pressed Vibrance founder expressed the importance of the golden ratio to the brand. Aligning with their values, our creative team implemented the methodology to the logotype, lending a contemporary and sophisticated finish that enables brand expansion.

The Result

By establishing unified brand messaging and aligning aesthetic, Pressed Vibrance is given a brand voice that succeeds in expressing and highlighting the core factors of their product line – taste, balance and vitality. Consumers are met with an honest perspective and extends the brand as a trusted source for their unique wellness journey.