Web Design | Case Study

CDC - UNC Healthcare

National Outreach to Optimize Health and Well Being for Generations


In partnership with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Health Care set out to improve the health and preconception choices of young men and women everywhere with a first of its kind outreach. Comprised of over 70 local and national organizations, the Show Your Love Today campaign, led by UNC, asked ArtVersion to bring this groundbreaking initiative to market through a top-down digital strategy.

Web design healthcare


Taking into consideration the highly visible nature of the campaign, ArtVersion worked collaboratively with UNC and CDC representatives to identify and utilize the selected tonality to engage both consumers and healthcare providers. Campaign style development and direction were designed to reflect parallel campaigns inclusive of a branding system, custom icons, curated imagery, overall visual branding and website look and feel.

Wireframe to Web Design

Wire Framing & Journey

Upon discussing requirements with UNC, the wireframing process begins. In the early stages of planning a complex website, even the simplest of interactions are optimized with the development of framed out pathways to ensure the best user experience. The wireframing process reveals not only the required elements that the client comes to the table with, but provides insight to conversion points that might have gone unnoticed when jumping right into the design phase.

The Result

Acting as the main communication hub for the campaign, the Show Your Love Today website was connected, designed and developed to offer calls to action at every point, inviting users to ‘Join the Love’ and ‘Show Your Love’, becoming a part of the community of users. Interactivity and dynamic features are used across the responsive web interface to encourage sharing and campaign awareness.