Packaging Design
for the Consumer Experience

Packaging influences how a brand will grow and be perceived in the market. ArtVersion creates strategies that fully integrate with business goals and brand messaging.

Packaging is one of the most essential elements in attracting consumers at retail and through overall presentation. The tactile experience builds brand value and a trust factor that consumers will not soon forget.

Capture Attention and
Promote Engagement

Packaging should work to grow your brand. In an increasingly digital landscape, it’s essential for those with a physical product offering or presentation component to be aware that packaging design can be one of the most powerful tools in their marketing strategy.

Balancing Materials and
Brand Messaging

While logo and identity play a large part in the overall strategy of consumer and industrial packaging design, choice of material itself can forge a powerful and memorable first impression, both in their appearance and innovative delivery methods.

Packaging is the embodiment of brand experience. CPG design allows a brand to travel beyond the digital confines and connect with users in a meaningful and memorable way.
Consumer Packaged Goods Design

Packaging Solutions

Overall appearance is a core influence on the design of your packaging. The right packaging strategy will allow a brand to connect with users and open up to new market segments with innovative solutions.

Packaging Design for the
Retail Environment

Marketing, branding and content initiatives are the foundation of brand connectivity, while packaging design works to build brand awareness. ArtVersion’s approach to retail packaging is informed by user behavior, analysis and differentiating factors.

Strategic Marketing and Creative Branding

The right strategy of design, imagery and content enables the customer to easily engage with the brand and understand the product through it’s packaging representation.

Intentionally Designed Consumer Packaging

Engaging with the user and generating product value is so much more than the features held within the product. The first connection made with a consumer will be made through packaging. It’s appearance and communication strategy will all be factors leading to conversion.

Driven by Brand and Business

Our process is focused around your brand, its objectives and the goals identified for your brand. Package design extends far beyond the selection of materials constructed to house a product – it represents everything a brand stands for, extending it’s message directly from the point of purchase.

We Do More Than Build Brands. We Make Connections.

We shape our packaging design strategies around each unique project – measuring objectives and goals to reach a formula.