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Outstanding Graphic Design Sets Precedence for All Your Marketing Communications

If you want to make your marketing efforts count, it starts with winning over the attention of your audience. Your visual presentation is what will attract prospects, get them engaged, and convey the value of your products, services or company, even before they read a single word. Here are the areas of design ArtVersion can help you with.

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Graphic Design

Graphic Design – ArtVersion can help you complete graphic design projects for something as simple as in-content graphics or more complicated as visual storytelling. Our team of experts and time in the industry gives us the knowledge, versatility and experience to be able to tackle any of your design challenges.

Logo Design – Your logo is the foundation of your brand and will be used in almost all of your marketing communications. We can help you create a visual symbol that resonates with your audience while also representing your company’s core message.

Charts and Diagrams Design – Whether you want to use charts or diagrams to assist sales or convey important information in presentations, you need them to be understood by the audience. We understand how to design charts and diagrams so that it makes the intended impact and your audience really gets it.

Custom Icons Design – Even the smallest of details can leave a big impression. Custom icons for desktop apps, smartphone apps, and PowerPoint presentations can all show the uniqueness and value of your company. It can also increase the UI and UX of your apps.

Infographics – Infographics are one of the best forms of content because they are visually appealing, easy to consume, and viral. However, you still need properly designed and constructed infographics to get the results you’re looking for. We have a lot of experience with visual content and can help you create effective infographics.

White Paper Design – Studies have shown that making proper design changes in white papers can increase consumption, sales and shares. If your company uses white papers as an important sales tool, it’s a smart decision to invest in optimizing its design.

Annual Report Design – If you regularly use annual reports to communicate important information with clients, board members and staff, it’s a good idea to invest in getting it designed by a professional. Proper design will help the readers make sense of all the data, know what to focus on, and get a clear understanding of the big picture.

Catalogs and Brochures Design – People make purchase decisions based on the design of catalogs and brochures. Because this form of advertising is visual by nature, changing design elements, layouts and formatting can all increase engagement, lift conversions, and ultimately boost profitability.

Flyer Design – Flyers can be incredibly effective in trade shows, seminars and other events. Although flyers have the reputation of being frequently ignored, proper design can highlight your message and generate traffic to your company’s location.

Postcards and Direct Mail – The impact of design is most easily noticeable in the use of postcards and direct mail. Design often dictates whether or not your mail gets read by the recipients or not, making it a key element in the success of your campaign.

Packaging Design – Packaging alone can convey the value of a product and drive sales. Making sure that your packaging exemplifies your product as one of quality is vital for the product’s success in the marketplace. Don’t drop the ball by skimping on the packaging design while delivering in all the other areas.

Visual Branding – While your logo is an important part of your visual branding, it’s limited in that it can’t say what you’re thinking. The visual branding in your advertising campaigns is what will fill in the gaps and really translate your story or message.

Our design process is guided by purpose, skill and strategy, enabling the ideal experience and driving growth.