Graphic Design

We believe that graphic design is about more than just being pretty.

It’s about purposeful use of pictures, illustrations, and layouts to sell ideas, products, and services.

Our design process focuses on creating result oriented end products.

At ArtVersion, we design our brochures, catalogs and other marketing collateral to be more than just handouts; they are educational & sales tools created specifically to take your company to the next level. We use innovative graphics mixed with intuitive and professional layouts so that the brochures and catalogs we create will turn readers into customers.

Our design process:

  • Identify the purpose of collateral
  • Discovery Phase
  • Research both to gain a focused understanding
  • Develop custom images and graphics
  • Convey your message and philosophy
Graphic Design

Life In a Day Inside Our Chicago Creative Agency

At ArtVersion, we do things a bit differently from other agencies. We love diving right into the creative process and getting our hands dirty. Our focus is on creating the purposeful designs for the projects we take on. For us, it’s not just about finishing the project at hand. It’s about figuring out how it fits into the bigger picture and this leads us to getting involved with all other areas of a company from the internal corporate structure, advertising pieces, to the marketing.

We like making our clients an integral part of the process because it helps us get better at our craft while also allowing us to think bigger. We bring in our Chicago-area clients regularly to be a part of the creative process, share what we’ve accomplished, and brainstorm new strategies for their businesses. This results in a better outcome because it feeds our creative process and opens the door to many more possibilities and much better results.

For example, when we take on graphic design projects, we don’t just focus on creating the suitable design for the client. Our team starts the discovery phase that leads-in to a creative process by contributing ideas on what could make the biggest impact. The best way to describe it is that while other agencies run a project through an assembly line, we like to run it through our brain trust including the marketing team, award-winning designers, and other creative professionals.

When working on a visual branding, rebranding or print and marketing collateral assignment, we like to dig deep into the company’s culture and really try to understand the business, target market, products and services. Our Chicago creative agency team often works with the internal company marketing departments to come up with creative concepts that represents their efforts. With smaller companies, we work with the CEO or Founder to align our ideas with the goal of the company. We love the challenge of developing a creative direction that actually produces noticeable results in a company’s bottom line.

We’re passionate about what we do and we’re thrilled when our clients come back to tell about the success they’re having with our work. What makes our creative agency really special is how integrated our team is. Creating work that we can all be proud of is paramount to everything else and we would be capable of producing such successful projects if our whole team didn’t believe in that.

If you’d like to experience our creative process yourself, get in touch so we can schedule a time to get together, talk, and have fun too.

Our design process is guided by purpose, skill and strategy, enabling the ideal experience and driving growth.

We are graphic designers.

We design platforms that are helping companies articulate their culture and beliefs visually.