Multimedia Design

Interactive multimedia presentations are a handy and informal way to stay in touch with clients, suppliers, and potentially important contacts.

Multimedia Presentation

Introduce yourself to the public by placing your company profile or overview on a CD. This format has a much greater capacity for text and graphics than traditional brochures, providing more information in an enhanced presentation to those interested in your goods or services.

Interactive presentations can become engaged by directly linking to your website, so viewers can become instant customers and directly order products or learn more about services through your website.

In addition, interactive media catalogs are less expensive to produce than traditional brochures or catalogs. We can help you from beginning to end, including cd duplication services through one of our partner companies.

Don’t forget that your new CD brochure needs attractive packaging in order to entice the potential viewer. Our graphic design team can work with you to design outstanding and eye-catching packaging and labels for your CD or DVD multimedia package.