ArtVersion Collaborates With International Child Art Foundation

Goran Paunovic, Founder of ArtVersion contributes to the October-December 2017 Issue of ChildArt Magazine‘s Color Issue

Fostering creativity and sparking imagination since 1998, ChildArt Magazine, in conjunction with the International Child Art Foundation, is a colorful quarterly magazine packed with innovative and inspirational ideas for children of all ages.

The team at ArtVersion was excited to contribute to the anticipated Color Issue with a feature on packaging design and the role of color. Along with perspective on choosing color, seeing color actively and thinking critically about color choice – an activity to design their own packaging was designed and provided for the reader to experiment and design their own packaging.

While the magazine’s powerful visuals and design makes it fun reading for creative folks of all ages, ChildArt is written expressly for 10 to 14 year olds. The young readers are empowered to overcome the well-documented “4th-grade slump” in creativity, which can continue into adulthood if it gains a foothold. ChildArt draws upon STEAMS Education, which integrates arts and culture (“A”) and sport and play (“S”) with STEM disciplines for a creative and holistic education.

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