Welcome to the Rediscover Your Brand™ Podcast! I’m your host Mike McCormick! For the past couple weeks, we have kept our focus on the internet and it has been a really awesome adventure, so why not keep going on that adventure as they say. Last week, we talked about a topic that is extremely important and will not go away. Content strategies and SEO are extremely important topics, and will be affected by the topic I am going to cover today. Although, I am not going to specifically bring them up everything I say today will reflect content strategies and SEO in more than one way or another. So now since we have already decided to stick with the internet as our main focus we may be wonder what that topic is, is it going to be broad, and is it going to specific, will it only affect a specific group or will everyone is affected by it. Well today we are going to be talking about e-Commerce. We are going to discuss what e-commerce is, why we should be utilizing it, and give you a couple inside benefits of e-Commerce. And once again when it comes to the benefits I will give you an inside look, but I am going to leave that door open so you can go and adventure out for yourself, and see how and what benefits work for you and your organization. So let’s now get rolling and start talking about e-Commerce.

To start, we all want to know what e-Commerce is, well e-Commerce stands for internet commerce, taking your business to the next level outside of the store and online, allowing you to expand your target audience all over the globe.

Now, let’s get into the fun part and talk about why we should be utilizing e-Commerce sites for business, now I do not know if your business is small, medium, or large, but for whatever size your business is there is a pretty solid good reason why would be utilizing them. To start we should first think about our current target audience, although they may be every loyal to our business, the internet has helped to provide the tools that allows us to grow and reach broader audience at the click of a button. The real reasons why, is to improve your business with the tools the internet offers and to provide a stronger target audience around your products and to sell to a larger number of individuals. The reasons why we should utilize e-Commerce sites for our business are simple, but it takes a look into the benefits we can receive, from them to really realize why we should utilize them in our everyday business.

The benefits of e-Commerce are enormous, there are many benefits that we can cover, but I am only going to cover a couple, the ones I feel are most important, this because if I covered all the possible benefits we would be sitting here for days, and secondly I want to leave that door open for you to adventure out and see what works best for your organizations brand. To start out, let’s start with the basic benefits, which are expanding your business and target audience, as of today most of your business that do not provide e-commerce sites, we only service an audience that goes to our store locations and possibly mail order, but mostly our store locations, with e-commerce sites we are able to provide our amazing products to people all over the globe, anywhere in the world, allowing us to sell more products which will help to expand our business and grow our current economy, by employing more individuals to help services our every growing target audience. Now the next benefit comes from KNOWING OUR TARGET AUDIENCES AND WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR FROM US, I have said this in every podcast and will keep saying it, because knowing what they want will help achieve more benefits than we can imagine. If we provide our target audience with the tools and aspects they are looking for, they will be more willing to come back again and again for fast quick purchases, as well as tell their friends and family, which will help spread the word and grow your target audience. Another benefit is being able to provide your target audience with fast quick information about your products, many times when individuals go to stores it takes more time getting all their small questions answered than purchasing the items, which limits the amount they will purchase. If we provide all the information up front, they will be able to get everything they need to know right away, and have time to purchase more items on the site. Now there are plenty more benefits from e-Commerce sites, but I am going to leave that door open for you to go out and adventure to find them for yourself.

That’s it for episode 44 of the Rediscover Your Brand™ podcast! I’m your host Mike McCormick! And this has been brought to you by ArtVersion Interactive Agency. You may contact us on Facebook at, on Twitter at, or just at Thanks for Listening!