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37- Content Strategy

Welcome to the Rediscover Your Brand Podcast! I’m your host Mike McCormick. Last week we took the path of photography and grasped a good amount of elements to help your organization advance into the photography world. This we are going to set our focus on content strategies. This is one of the most important topics we are going to cover and will include an overview of previous topics. I am pretty much going to go over what content strategy is and then go on to a how and why while relating content strategies back to previous topics throughout today’s show. Let’s start out by talking about what content strategy is. First content is all the material that you make public, pretty much can be anything from articles, pictures, products, rants, raves, pretty much anything that you desire and you want to be known to the public is content. Now the…

6 years, 8 months ago

23 – Brand Voice & Social Media

Welcome back brand builders to episode number 23 of rediscover your brand podcast. I’m your host Kip Russell the social media manager at ArtVersion. This week on rediscover your brand podcast we will be talking about Brand Voice and Social Media . To read more about Brand Voice visit our blog or listen to the full podcast of 10min. Consider these points of your Brand Voice when using social media: 1)     What is your Character/persona? 2)     What is your tone? 3)     What is your language? 4)     What is your purpose? @artversion

7 years, 2 months ago

13 – Social Media Rant & Misconceptions

Welcome brand builders this is rediscover your brand podcast episode #13 brought to you by artversion interactive.  I’m your host Kip Russell.  I’m a social media manager for multiple brands as well as marketing enthusiast and I’ve even written a TV theme song. This week on rediscover your brand podcast we are talking about misconceptions of social media and how they could be affecting your company. Social media is not the savior

7 years, 4 months ago