Working with such an iconic brand always brings a great amount of excitement to our creative team, especially if the brand is as cool and forward thinking and ready for a complete refresh without compromises. When it was time to reinvent Aiwa, brand managers together with the marketing and communication team called us up to collaborate on this historically important project.

Corporate Identity

A new corporate identity was born from the combination of old assets that people remembered and liked, to a new, bolder message that is more relevant to today’s marketplace. This fresh approach on lifestyle images and graphics combine seamlessly with the brand promise that the Aiwa team believes in.

brand manual cover
brand guide manual 1
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Designing User Experience

The challenge was to preserve all of the elements that people used to like about Aiwa, while bringing a new innovative approach to their corporate presence and visual communications. At the same time, they were working on launching a new product to complement this brand relaunch.

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ui ux design
ui ux design
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ui ux design
ui ux design
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We were excited to work and collaborate on the old branding elements and assets they already had in place. Their openness and readiness to experiment with using a more modern and minimalist approach in conjunction with pre-developed and historically important brand assets was accepted gracefully. Our creative team connected to their brand message instantly, relating to the combination of the economies-of-scale of a large manufacturing base along with the responsiveness of a small startup.