Born from an innovative and entrepreneurial spirit, Allegra Brands has become one of the foremost vendors and suppliers of top medical and nursing apparel in the marketplace. Looking to develop a platform that would scale with their current and prospective growth, they engaged ArtVersion to implement a redesign strategy and new ecommerce website platform.

Magento Web Design

The primary focus of the project was to provide Allegra Brands a platform that they could grow with, adding features as needed. An agile Magento ecommerce platform was chosen to enable a phased and scalable approach. Through collaboration with the Allegra team, we designed a clean simplistic layout engaging visual storytelling to illuminate the various brands with custom photography and carefully directed image curation.

web home page
web home page2
web about page
web shop page

Ecommerce Responsive Web Design

To effectively reach the expanding customer base of Allegra Brands, we designed and developed a responsive platform to allow users across all devices to have a consistent experience. Further customizing the design with features such as a custom sizing chart, account login, brand and product filtration allows for visitors to the site to find what they are looking for quickly or browse the collections to explore new products.

ui ux mobile
product branding