The Challenge

Recently, an established lifestyle product development company reached out to ArtVersion to refresh the packaging and identity for one of their benchmark products. Looking to gain real estate in identified retailers nationwide and expand their market share, the team sought to rethink, rename and repackage their growing line of personal beauty accessories.

Establishing A Differentiator

In collaboration with company’s product designers, the ArtVersion design and content teams engaged in an initial evaluation of the existing market, inclusive of an extensive analysis of competing products and brands. Brand positioning was established based in part on company goals and customer preferences and iterations on brand naming were explored. Favoring a clear pathway for the user, BeautyVue was developed with aligning brand guidelines, logo, content strategy and color schemes for each product segment.

packaging design
packaging design two
packaging design three
packaging design four
blue logo design

Retail Packaging Design

Characterized as a time-saving, smart personal accessory product, BeautyVue products feature stand out details that required careful attention to packaging specifications. Reflecting important features of the product line, the packaging engages with the user through die-cut windows providing the user a ‘peek’ of the product. To ensure consistency throughout, custom in-house photography was implemented. Each BeautyVue package features in-depth detail, offering users a thorough product description, vibrant and custom imagery specific to each product and calls to action on the path to purchase.

package design

A Brand Emerges

The resulting launch establishes BeautyVue as a cohesive brand with a clear point of view and user-centric approach. The collection, gaining placements in national retailers has quickly become the favorite of beauty influencers described as ‘an accessible, problem solving product with luxury appeal’. The company is poised to release follow up seasonal product releases, ideal for both brick & mortar and ecommerce merchandising with longevity and positive sell through appeal.