Transformative Design for Transformative Medicine

COUR Pharmaceuticals, renowned for its innovative first-in-class therapies that reprogram the immune system, sought a digital platform that echoed its groundbreaking work. Partnering with ArtVersion, they aimed to design a site that merged a user-friendly interface with a high-end, professional aesthetic. The new website, conceived through close collaboration, effortlessly balances simplicity with innovation, offering visitors an intuitive layout and a vivid portrayal of COUR’s scientific expertise.

Intuitive Information Architecture

COUR Pharmaceuticals envisioned their new website to be a nexus of information and education, aimed at illuminating their research and technologies. To help bring this vision to life, ArtVersion adeptly orchestrated the site’s information architecture. They crafted a sleek and intuitive navigation structure that ensured that all pertinent information was not only accessible but also organized in a robust way such as a structure that showcases COUR’s research pipeline, technology, potential therapies for different auto-immune diseases, their clinical trials, and more.

Four wireframe designs of Cour Pharma website

Data Visualization and Design

The ArtVersion team was steadfast in their vision: a website that accurately mirrored the groundbreaking scientific research from COUR, while also appealing to professionals and investors in the science and medical industries. To effectively communicate complex information, the team crafted data visuals that spotlighted COUR’s research pipeline. These charts detail the phases of their findings for each targeted disease, all rendered in a gradient color narrative.

To infuse additional dimension into the design, the ArtVersion team integrated specific shapes into the photography. This design choice was inspired by the curvature of the letters in COUR’s logo itself as well as the roundness of anatomical cells.

Collage of wireframes overlapping each other
Desktop UI screen with cells popping out
desktop and mobile IU design

Dimension with Animation

Along with the rich and optimized imagery, educational videos delving into the nuanced details of each disease were also embedded. Additionally, subtle animations were overlaid on static images, introducing an added layer of dynamism and depth, transforming traditional photographs into captivating visual interest. In keeping with the overarching geometric theme of rounded forms, gentle motions of small circles in parallel lines flicked and pulsed over select imagery. Interactive circular motifs also came to life— rotating in response as users scroll through the pages. These interactive and visual elements were meticulously crafted to ensure responsiveness across mobile and varying screen resolutions, offering a seamless experience for all users, and all devices.

programs page with images and a DNA strand in the background
mobile screen UI design showcase for clinical trials section
3D mobile screens with images and text popping out of screen
desktop UI design with cells underneath the screen
desktop and tablet UI design of the home page
two desktop UI screens overlapping each other

Color, Cohesion, and Clarity

ArtVersion helped elevate COUR’s brand identity by introducing and incorporating new brand elements that helped establish a fresh look and feel. Each design decision in the design language reflected brand cohesion that further accentuated their sophisticated, modern look. To strike the perfect balance, carefully selected typography was used; Poppins—both Regular and Bold—were paired with Helvetica Neue, creating complementing and visually pleasing readability. While the website features a primarily white backdrop, thoughtful and strategic use of primary and secondary colors was selected to punctuate the design. These colors were not only purposefully placed to accent specific elements, but also artfully integrated to infuse the design with vibrant, yet cohesive, doses of color.

Logo Guidelines for Client
Typography Guide for Poppins font.
Color palette

The Result

The launch of COUR’s new website and design language equipped their team with a dynamic platform that showcases all their incredible research and technological advances in autoimmune and allergic disease treatment. With a more sustainable and future-proof digital presence, COUR continues to share their impact of a healthier tomorrow. The platform amplifies their impact, making it easier for audiences globally to engage with and understand the significance of COUR’s work.

desktop UI design