Custom Spyder X package design.

Project Disciplines

Graphic design
UX design
Custom packaging design for technology industry.


Innovation Behind the Art and Science of Color

Datacolor, a leading color management company, continued its track of innovation and technology. ArtVersion stepped in to help the team with a leading UI, and UX development for desktop software.

UI Screens

Versatile Design
A welcome screen UI featuring custom iconography for display calibration.
A start-up wizard UI screen featuring custom iconography.
A UI screen for display technologies.
A select workflow UI screen featuring custom icons.
Choose settings UI screen for monitor calibration.
A UI screen for the user to place the monitor calibration device.

Icon Set

Color Confidence Redefined

Color calibration made simple. Design made to make an impression.

To make color management accessible to their users, Datacolor required a modernized and robust user interface design for their color calibration software. Their advanced technology allowed for specific color hue detection on monitors.

This would allow consumers such as brands, photographers, designers, and more, to configure their screens for the utmost color adjustments. ArtVersion worked with the team to design not only the gamification and UI screens but also the workflow of how the calibration process would function.

Responsive Design

Welcome mobile UI screen.
A welcome and calibrate display mobile UI screen.
A mobile UI welcome screen.
Mobile UI screen for display technology.

Color Selections

The interface design remained true to Datacolor’s established brand colors, a dominant red alongside accent colors of black and white. The usage of white in the foreground allowed for a simple, yet classic aesthetic feel, while the UI elements in red engaged the user with a prominent pop of color.

Helvetica typography in bold.
Helvetica typography in regular.
Helvetica typography in light.


Helvetica was the selected typography choice and was chosen for its clean, modern lines, and readability. The typography decision also had to convey its text cues and directions for the user as they synchronized devices, thus the sans-serif typeface was perfect, with its uniform stroke weight and tight minimalistic curves.

A front cover of a white paper.
White paper mockup table of contents and introduction page
White paper mockup about us and problem statement page.
Spyder X display calibration device.

Data-Driven Design

The interface screens for color measuring needed to pair with the monitors of the user's choice. From user pathways to microinteractions and screen synchronization, the goal was to ensure that these components functioned individually and integrated structurally as a cohesive unit.

Spyder X packaging design in standing orientation.
Spyder X device for client interface design.

An Intuitive Experience

ArtVersion conducted an intricate and research-heavy of Datacolor's technology to gauge the best solutions for the calibration flow. Every detail was considered, such as user context-of-use for a seamless detection experience.

Enhancing Visual Brilliance

The final deliverables were a cohesive and unified workflow of the monitor calibration, pairing, and completion structure that offered a distinctive and cutting-edge feel—custom-designed for Datacolor and its continuous innovations in the color management industry.