The Outdoor Experience, Indoors

Developing a brand and company requires catering to details and establishing an identity a company can be proud to call their own. Drivetime Golf, an indoor golf simulator experience, was just beginning their journey in building their footprint and facility when they reached out to ArtVersion. The project consisted of establishing Drivetime’s brand and building the layers to brand awareness. The ArtVersion team readily took on the execution of the project with a detailed plan and unwavering enthusiasm.

Scope of work included

Custom Design to A Tee

Building a company logo is a fundamental step for brand identity, as it becomes the recognizable identifier. Thus, ArtVersion knew the importance of creating a custom logo design, and the team at Drivetime had initial ideas, but the designers at ArtVersion used their expertise to fully develop an impactful logo.

The logo iconography played on the shapes of golf clubs and was accompanied with custom typography that was brought to life with a bright, neon color scheme that intertwined a copper and pink color story against the black backdrop. The juxtaposition of a bold, blocky font title with a cursive slogan header pieced together nicely for a unique logo that highlighted the best of both worlds. When establishing brand awareness, social media presence was another essential component that the ArtVersion team was able to update and keep on track.

logo anatomy 2
logo anatomy
insta page

Hole-In-One Design

To establish Drivetime’s web presence, a landing page was created while the website development was in progress. Within the UI/UX design curation, the homepage dynamically changed with a sleek imagery slider that captured the indoor golfing experience.

The user journeys built within the website allows users and potential guests to learn about the innovations of Drivetime, navigate the plethora of courses and their rates, and book a golfing session. A clean and simple pop-out menu within the navigation bar was also curated to further sustain a friendly user experience within the design and its pathways.

A focus on content strategy was another necessary element within the header titles and body of each webpage. A clear voice that remained true to Drivetime’s budding brand identity was imperative. The objective was to clearly describe a new way to golf through indoor simulation technology, while also engaging users’ interest for conversion. The yearlong collaboration was a great creative outlet in establishing a brand from the ground up, as it continues to flourish with continual success.

home page
rules page
all electronic
ipad mobile mockup
ipad mockup

Crafting Up to Par Marketing Materials

The marketing collateral that was developed offered room for creativity and inventive ideas to flourish. When establishing a unique marketing campaign, a plethora of collateral was designed to truly aid in getting the beginning of an innovative company boldly acclimated to the market. The design took many forms in banner design, gift cards, flyers, brochures, and even punch cards. Promotional material designs coordinated with the design on the website development as well, to uphold brand consistency.

punch card v2
brochure 1
brochure 2