The Vision

A resource platform for the educational community, designed to engage all learners in reading and writing for the 21st Century. Dedicated to developing, sharing and promoting strategies for the classroom and beyond – Engaging Learners is a leader in student literacy. Rapidly growing, their team of experts identified the need to create a robust digital hub for educators to access from anywhere. ArtVersion was identified as the ideal collaborative partner with an existing knowledge of the marketplace, strategic tools to implement and content management solutions.

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Scope of work included

A Scalable Platform

Engaging Learners is well on it’s way to becoming the preeminent resource for collaborative literacy empowerment. Designing a scalable interface for a vast mosaic of interactive strategies and content, the architecture of creates the platform for the continuously evolving perspectives, tools and pedagogical dialogue that are at the heart of Engaging Learner’s literacy initiatives, achieving remarkable measurable results.

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Vision, voice and tonality on is designed to elicit the strategic emotional engagement required to change the mindset of educators and colleagues throughout the literacy empowerment ecosystem. The solution to meet the needs of their project was developed through extensive stakeholder interviews and asset assessment to fully understand how users were interacting with the material. Navigation was structured to focus on intuitive intake of information while the interface was designed to be clean, with increased white space and accessible fonts.

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Through UX/UI design and smart content strategy, the brand is positioned as a leading resource in the educational community, providing the tools, coaching and feedback to create an active environment for measurable success. Navigation, visual and narrative content is be designed to follow Engaging Learners process and customization perspectives. The continuous flow of new content, innovation, and collaborative discovery creates a vibrant “newsfeed” feel while providing access to contextual tools and resources.