Object d’art Digitally Restored

Restoring and preserving antique collectables is in of itself, an artform. Everlasting pieces can withstand the test of time, and digitally preserving their longevity in the online world is another layer to their conservation. When Vermillion, a 20th century furnishing and fine arts gallery reached out to ArtVersion, a clear goal presented itself: crafting a website that beautifully encapsulated the integrity of these fine furnishing pieces.

Scope of work included

History with a Modern Twist

The starting point for this project began with the underlining concept in mind: every piece had its own story to tell; thus, the ArtVersion team got to work. The website embodies a much more catalog, or “look-book” design that would allow each individual piece to be displayed. In conjunction with establishing an online platform, a fundamental priority was to create a website that securely enabled Vermillion to attain an outlet for other collectors to contact the antique gallery if interested in those bits of history. Although it strayed away from an e-commerce “browse and shop” approach, the website was designed soundly and securely.

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Expanding Audience Reach

Vermillion’s website was crafted with simplistic pathways that allowed the collectibles to speak for themselves. The “look-book” catalog section was built with user journeys that led to the different galleries ranging from decorative art pieces and jewelry to furniture and lighting, which was cleanly designed within the website’s structure. When prompted, every product detail was highlighted to showcase its history, place of origin, material, and dimensions. Visually and contextually displaying every item broadcasted these antiques in an online space that could bring forth a new and interested audience. To further propel audience reach, the ArtVersion team also created a Vermillion Instagram account to introduce history to social media.

Dusting Off with Luxury and Optimization

Structuring the digital space for these eclectic relics required organizing information on the backend of the website. ArtVersion carefully input data as well as optimized every product image to truly liven and refine the period collectables. As carefully as Vermillion collects and refurnishes every antique, ArtVersion made sure to mimic that care within every step of their development. These classical relics were found from around the world, thus a website was the best way to globally share their longevity.

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Preserved and Polished

With every antiquarian piece of history preserved and shared across new generations, it truly propels the way the classic world beautifully collided with modernity. Audience reach is important for any company and brand to become recognizable and to share their story, and with the intertwinement of history re-introducing itself to the digital sphere, Vermillion is able to continue capturing the past.