Working with nonprofit associations, particularly those governed by a large Board of Directors including State commissioners and elected officials requires careful handling of information. Graphics and design must be relevant yet provide surprising and unexpected visual cues and calls to action to hold engagement.

Scope of work included

Annual Report Design

Designed to protect an insurer or self-insurer against catastrophic losses from work-related injuries, Workers’ Compensation Reinsurance Association (WCRA) must deliver an annual report to it’s stakeholders each year. Information can be heavy and great design is critical. WCRA engaged ArtVersion to bring their content and statistics to life. With custom icons, dynamic image curation, typographic elements and calls to action – the information is highly intuitive and engaging. An easy read from cover to cover.

ar 2019 type brand
ar color palette 2019
annual report spread1
annual report spread2
annual report spread3
annual report spread4
backcover closeup

Visually Dynamic Infographics

With every annual report design, each individually possessed their own unique look and feel. However, to ensure that an overall cohesive and consistent theme aligned with WCRA’s identity, a unified design was executed. The primary and secondary colors that made up the annual report’s color story jolted the report to life with new graphic visuals to break down the content. No stranger to infographic design, the ArtVersion designers implemented visually dynamic graphs that newly incorporated a three-dimensional look for the infographics.

ar 2020 cover page
ar inner spread 1
ar inner spread 3
ar inner spread 4
ar inner spread 5
3d pie graph visualization