Alliance for Coney Island Annual Report

Connecting a Community through Visual Context

The Alliance for Coney Island, Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to continuing to improve and revitalize the “The People’s Playground” engaged ArtVersion to take on their 2014 Annual Report to serve local businesses, community organizations, and residents for a neighborhood that is home to some 50,000 residents and attracts millions of visitors each year.

Annual Report Design
Infographic Design
Annual Report Design

Annual Report Design Strategy

Working with the Alliance for Coney Island team meant ensuring that the the large Board of Directors, representatives of the Community, the local Council Members, and the Brooklyn Borough President all had a say in the process. Through a collaborative approach, ArtVersion gathered critical information from all segments to develop a cohesive design that was both engaging and highly informative.

Annual Report Graphic Design
Annual Report
Annual Report Design
Custom Icons for Annual Report Design

Optimized Visual Communication

In order to enable an optimized informational format, the use of infographics was implemented across the design. Integrating a dynamic layout strategy, an on brand complementary color scheme and custom icons, created an end product that proved to be both resonant of the Coney Island Alliance point of view while providing a new perspective to the community.

Annual Report Design
Clean Design