Integrated Communications for the Business World

With over 75 years of experience, Tandberg is known as one of the the global leaders in video conferencing. With a wide range of industries served, their marketing collateral needed a refresh to resonate with a targeted user base. ArtVersion was chosen by Tandberg to partner in the redesign initiative.

Healthcare Flyer

Optimized content and visual strategies

Tandberg’s reputation for top-notch visual communication systems, video implementation and large scale video conferencing deployments make them an overwhelmingly obvious choice for institution and large business solutions alike. In looking to expand their marketplace, they needed messaging that would be tailored to segments such as higher education. The materials needed to be clear and concise, informing educators on the merits of Tandberg’s wide range of services for students.

The ArtVersion team began by collaborating with Tandberg to clearly understand the user and product solutions being marketed. With an already strong brand, ArtVersion integrated image curation specific to the target market and optimized content and visual strategies to create an engaging and informative suite of collateral materials. With expertise in print management, ArtVersion delivered an end product to express that Tandberg is the perfect choice for video conferencing needs.

Flyer Design
Corporate Branding