A Game Changing Platform

Led by a highly successful investment firm, Treklytics’s founders came to us with a big idea. Driven to see solutions others don’t and inspired to capitalize on opportunities others miss, their focused, entrepreneurial drive led them to imagine a vision for the ideal financial career agile performance app.

Collaboration & Performance

Designed to engage, measure and track high performing individuals, the platform is a race of sorts. Providing clear deliverables to the user themselves, the platform measures performance using the deliverables, data, performance indicators and result areas, delivering actionable tracking for achievement and improvement, in comparison to other similar individuals. Upon assessment and discovery, the ArtVersion team embarked on a highly collaborative process, exploring a number of identity, naming and brand design options and ultimately landed on the ideal visualization.

Design Adaptation

Aligning with the firm’s sleek profile – the ArtVersion team directionally chose to keep the interface clean, modern and simple, focusing as much attention as possible on the users themselves. With a lot of information to keep organized, it was critical that the UI remain simple and intuitive without making sacrifices on powerful data analysis and charting features. Throughout the UI process, color palettes were tested as color coding was a critical aspect for data visualization. Because of the personal nature of the data being handled, it was also essential to gain the trust of users early on with a secure, approachable, technically advanced and consistent experience.

The Result

With traditional performance measurement proving for the most part ineffective, the Treklytics app aims to disrupt the market space, leading to both overall company growth and better results for the user. The Treklytics app received an overwhelming user response, delivering on its promise to provide a new experience to agile performance in the finance market, positioning the firm with a clear and successful entry to the market.