How to Boost Your Social Media Engagement

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Written by Craig Robinson Engaging on social media is something that goes well beyond having someone click “like” on your post or even commenting on a photo or video. Every click and comment does count, but engagement in social media is something that’s ongoing. It’s dialogue; it’s meaningful conversations, even extending to legitimate relationships. When you’re speaking about social media engagement, you’re talking about a blog-like following to your social page, discussion-forum-like dialogue…

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Social Media and the User Experience

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Social media is not only becoming the forerunner, it is also becoming the easiest way, for organizations to connect and establish feedback, from their target audience. For many organizations, getting involved in social media is something new; however, most of them have already taken the plunge into the social networking world. Although, you have already set up your social sites, have you neglected to integrate them with your already existing user experience? Social media networks have opened an…

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