Eileen Krier

Director, User Experience

Over her career span at ArtVersion agency, Eileen has developed a track record of building creative assets by producing sustainable visual communications and digital strategies for some of the biggest brands and notable startups. Eileen has especially become an avid advocate in UI/UX design areas, finding her passion in this multidisciplinary environment. Eileen’s unique twist in handling complex design challenges from a conclusive academic angle makes her research, analysis and opinion invaluable throughout the project’s lifecycle.

Understanding the rapid movement of design trends, she has mastered the dynamic changes that come with constant development and critical thinking. As a Director of User Experience, Eileen’s daily initiatives often involve the technical aspect of the project, not only with respect to operational applications and back-ends but often coding and final implementations. She develops strategies that combine responsibilities and workflows to deliver a cohesive, compelling, emotionally connected and brand-focused ecosystems fully supported by selected technologies. Eileen has a deep connection to design, spending her time analyzing shapes, objects, logos and typefaces while exploring design history. Eileen has taken an interest in photography in her spare time, loving how every angle makes a uniquely different impact and contributes to creating visual stories. She also works on creating her typefaces and calligraphy letters.