Ken Zimny

Developer, Front-End

In his role as Developer, Front-End, Ken works collaboratively with ArtVersion’s design and development teams to translate UI/UX designs into functional and maintainable code. He is responsible for determining the structure of web pages and applications, ensuring the alignment between design and user experience, and promoting usability standards and best practices. With a degree in philosophy, interest in programming, and a passion in coding, he brings valuable expertise to the ArtVersion collective.

Ken loves the satisfaction that comes from putting a website together and finds the challenge of coding to be fun and exciting. He also finds the design side of web development exciting, as those decisions have a great effect on the overall user experience. The combination of development and design coalesces into Ken’s development philosophy, where he starts with the question: ”How can we build better websites?”. When he’s not coding, Ken likes to build projects with Arduino and electronics, as well as 3D printing.