Lynn Doherty

Director of Brand Strategy, Emeritus

Lynn joined ArtVersion back in 2011 as a Director of UX/UI Strategies. Her duties and agency engagement evolved to the multiple facets of branding and interactive initiatives. As a senior strategist, Lynn’s passion is innovation through visual branding, and corporate storytelling focused on interactive media and engaging content. Lynn’s ability to develop visual and narrative solutions for brand identities that genuinely speak to the audience is an essential aspect of her approach.

Her evangelistic view of a brand’s voice and authenticity have significant influence to all startup branding or corporate rebranding projects. Her deep cultural understanding and personal passion for international client relationships pave the way for new horizons for ArtVersion creative agency. Lynn worked in the fashion industry before she joined the ArtVersion team. Working in the fashion industry allowed Lynn to bring new and exciting principles to ArtVersion. Lynn lived in New York and California before settling in Chicago.