Mark Diaz

UX Designer

As ArtVersion’s UX Designer, Mark is focused on how a website, application, or layout feels from the user’s perspective. Taking an analytical approach to solving user experience and usability problems, he leverages his nuanced understanding of user psychology in conjunction with a familiarity with best practices to create intuitive, user-friendly interfaces. Mark’s priority is to identify the each individual user’s emotional and functional needs in order to develop wireframes, sitemaps, storyboards, and prototypes that deliver a successful and enjoyable experience.

Mark initially attended the University of Missouri for Business Administration, but after shifting interests he ended up obtaining his degree in Graphic Design from DePaul University in Chicago. He comes from a varied professional background working in retail, the service industry, and even as a nanny; all of which lead him to experience the complexities of different types of consumers and their corresponding needs. Before his time at ArtVersion, Mark worked as a product specialist at Apple, which allowed him to gain a complex view of product specifications and understand the value of user feedback. In addition to his passion for UI/UX design, Mark is professionally interested in graphic design and post production projects. In his spare time, he loves gaming, and enjoys playing basketball and golf.