Michael Benedict

UX Strategist

As ArtVersion’s UX Strategist, Michael compiles his informed input and perspective for companies and products in efforts of unblocking their creative approach to optimizing user-centered accuracy. Channeling his adroitness for content and brand storytelling, he focuses his strategy on accomplishing literate dexterity to elevate the identity and voice. His specialized approach involves intuitive discovery, utilizing his acute research ability to validate instinctual steps toward developing unique, stimulating content that cultivates alignment between strategic objectives and user needs.

Michael is an interdisciplinary designer, stemming from a background in UX/UI design, experimental music production, sound design, and video production. He received his formal training in audio and visual media at Eastern Michigan University and later furthered his education at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in sound design. He worked independently as a sound designer, audio engineer, and consultant for various artists and projects for over 10 years. It wasn’t long after he discovered UX design where he realized that he could use this newfound practice to bridge together all of his previous acquisitions and expand his expertise within the design space. While earning his Certification from the Thinkful UX/UI Design Program, his attention to detail and strategy took shape, allowing him to further explore and develop a strong vocabulary with regard to UX trends and content writing.