Web Redesign

Web Design: When Is It the Right Time to Redesign?

When you created your website, it probably met your needs and you probably didn’t think that you’d need to come back to it again. But the reality is that every business grows and needs to update their web design to keep up with the changes. So when is the right time to redesign? What should you focus on changing? Do you even need to spend the time and money redesigning in the first place?

Web Redesign

Web Redesign for Branding Consistency

You should not only redesign your website just to improve the overall look or make it more modern, but there are some more crucial factors that you should pay attention to. The best time to redesign is when you are employing strategies that call for necessary changes or when you are repositioning your company’s brand. For instance, if your company has ignored branding and want to take the necessary steps to create a unique identity in the marketplace, a redesign would be ideal. It would help the website stay congruent with the new brand.

Web Redesign for SEO purpose

Another great time to redesign is when you are planning to invest in SEO. Most websites are unfortunately not optimized for the search engines. Even if the exterior of the site looks fine, you have to remind yourself that search engines read code. Some of the necessary changes that will probably need to be made are loading time optimization, onpage SEO optimization and site structure.

Site Redesign for Web Usability

Designs will also change naturally if you are building a campaign to improve usability, user experience or increase conversions. This is a process where changes are made in response to analytics data rather than being preplanned. That means that a designer will have to work side by side with the team that is responsible for improving the site’s performance.

Site Redesign for Accessibility

Finally, you should redesign if you are trying to make your site mobile friendly. A large number of users are now using mobile devices such as phones, tablets and eReaders to browse the Internet. Many websites are reporting that their mobile visitors are responsible for 10% to 30% of their total traffic. One of the best choices for redesigning is responsive web design. This is a type of design where one site automatically gets formatted and optimized to the device being used.

We Can Help

Unless your website is poorly designed, looks outdated or is unorganized, you probably don’t have to redesign, we may be able to help you implement some User Interface improvements and User Experience best practices. The best time to make changes to your whole website is when you are employing a new branding strategy or planning to invest in a marketing strategy such as SEO, conversion/UX or mobile optimization. You’ll be investing your budget into something that actually affects the success of your strategy.

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