New Vision

When JWC Media acquired a signature community newspaper, they envisioned a new look, new branding, scalable content, and an expanding audience demanding state of the art user experience, for readers, as well as the editors and content contributors on the back end. Daily North Shore was branded, launched and developed as an important channel for the people, events, and issues that connect communities.

Site Architecture & Infrastructure Design

ArtVersion designed the DNS platform to present professionally reported articles about local people, issues and events and community sharing. Content management was critical, as the site is updated continuously throughout the week with original stories, photos and calendar listings as well as curated articles of interest and news from around the web.


User Experience Design

DNS is a provider of digital marketing opportunities for local businesses to reach a very engaged and highly educated readership requiring design and site architecture that is sophisticated, clear, and accessible. DNS continues to expand its community reach, boosting site views to over half a million in its first year after launch.

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