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Award-winning graphic design agency, known for creative excellence and innovation in our field.


We harness the power of creative problem-solving to fuse graphic design intricacies into purpose-built authentic visual communications.

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The Charles

Branding – Web Design

Powering Cleaner and Brighter Feature


Corporate Communications Design

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Case Studies
Graphic design of numbers in a design book.

We design for print and digital. We aim for each experience to be purposely built and engaging.

Graphic design and packaging Design - Consumer Package Goods

Our graphic design agency’s process acts as a catalyst, facilitating the creation of purpose-built visuals that emphasize emotion and engagement between your brand and the end consumer. This approach ensures that every design element we create not only resonates with your audience but also strengthens the connection to your brand’s core values.

Brand manual mockup in a design system.
A business card front design.
Explore brand manual design with print spreads and design system for a company.

Crafting visual communications that epitomize purpose and industry standards.

Uncover the catalyst that drives your brand memorability with a robust logo design.


Catalog literature is best when paired with visually stimulating graphics. Enliven your catalog collateral with a creative jolt.


Influence how your brand will grow and be perceived in the market with amazing packaging design.


From design and layout to well-written copy, we design effective annual reports that capture attention.


Show the world how your organization makes a difference with a visually engaging impact report.


With modern white paper designs, articulate your content messaging with visual interest and generate leads.


The collective integration of digital, print and web is now critical to marketing success. How does yours measure up?


Boost your marketing impact by strategically employing infographics to supplement your messaging.


Make the most out of your trade show exhibitions with stand-out trade show booth designs.


We help companies design flexible design systems with elements for the entire brand spectrum.


Shape your corporate identity with graphic designs that differentiate, resonate, and maintain brand relevance.


We are curiosity-driven, inspired by good design, innovative visual communications and meaningful graphics.

The Art and Practice

Visual communication design


Design should be more than just a fleeting moment. It should captivate your brand with an experience that makes an impact. A language of graphic design that speaks to every user. A vision that supersedes what was once thought possible. A visual story that matters.

ArtVersion's methods involve an in-depth understanding of our clients, their market dynamics, and strategic objectives. Each graphic design creation captures the essence of the brands we work with and aligns with their ethos. We cater to a diverse range of industries, delivering graphic design solutions that are visually striking, strategically sound, and incredibly engaging.

ArtVersion graphic design: Legat business cards.
A brochure of safety related icons.
Three branding designs and package design of candles and its luxury packaging.
An abstract photo of a person designing with paper.
The management model handbook cover slightly opened showing a page.

Our purpose

Elevating Brands Through Design-led Strategies for Aligned Business Objectives

Collaborating with both influential startups and established enterprises, ArtVersion's team excels in revealing distinct graphic design opportunities that capture each brand's unique character. Our proficiency in graphic design enables us to craft bespoke visual narratives that resonate deeply with audiences, thereby strengthening the brand's legacy. At the heart of our approach is human-centric design, where we focus on creating visually stunning and emotionally engaging designs.
ArtVersion Creative Agency Team Collaborating on graphic design.

Our Clients

ArtVersion engages with a myriad of global companies and organizations, partnering seamlessly with their internal marketing, development, and innovation teams. Our role varies, ranging from serving as the primary creative agency of record to offering art direction for specialized digital design initiatives.

ArtVersion clients: Qualcomm logo.
ArtVersion clients: Toyota logo.
ArtVersion clients: Cartier logo.
ArtVersion clients: Volvo logo.
ArtVersion clients: Johnson & Johnson logo.
ArtVersion clients: Morgan Stanley logo.
ArtVersion clients: TransUnion logo.
ArtVersion clients: U.S. Green Building Council logo seal.
ArtVersion clients: Hilton logo.
ArtVersion clients: Caterpillar logo.
ArtVersion clients: Exelon logo.
ArtVersion clients: Realtor logo.
ArtVersion clients: Mack logo.

Our graphic design services intersect storytelling and data visualization. If you have a project in mind that deserves attention, let's collaborate to make something amazing.