Positioning brands for optimal communication.

Brand Strategy

Strategic branding seeks to deliver on the brand promise, create awareness and make deep connections.

Brand Design

Identity design should always reflect on the brand’s uniqueness, differentiation and value.


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Our team consists of strategists, designers and storytellers. We design creative solutions for visual and style identity that speak to your audience by articulating corporate culture, tonality, and philosophy.

Brands no longer exist in a static marketplace. In today’s digital world, brands have to evolve and react faster than ever before. ArtVersion uses brand context to unlock key market insights. Brand identity plays a significant role in perception and the way an organization presents itself both internally and to the outside world.

With our deep understanding and experience in both brand strategy and brand identity design, we can quickly help you overcome any obstacle. Building a foundation for your brand, including all brand attributes in the multifaceted array, communicates many things either directly or indirectly through imagery, words, and assumptions.

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Award-winning brand design agency

With over two decades of experience in strategy and visual brand identity development, ArtVersion has received numerous recognitions and honors from renowned organizations.
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Brand Strategy

The secret to creating a brand strategy that makes an impact with your audience

ArtVersion has helped numerous clients get their brand strategy right. We’re passionate about our creative brand strategy process and methods we know that work.

Brand Audit

We start by analyzing, auditing and surveying your brand as well as assessing assets for maximum effectiveness.

Competitive Analyses

Aligning with the brand perspective, the project moves into in-depth competitive analysis leading to the iterative process of brand development.

Brand Design

The key to a unique brand identity design

Visual identity plays a significant role in brand perceptions and how an organization presents itself to both employees and clients. The brand personality always dictates the look and tone of the branding direction. From happy and engaging to the gravitas and innovative, our team is versed in developing solid assets for every brand story.

Brand Design

Visual brand identity design is the foundation for brand narrative. Visuals influence the audience and inspire brand loyalty.


While your visual brand design is responsible for grabbing people's attention, your brand story is what will ultimately create loyalty.

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With relentless energy and meticulous attention to detail, our team has the ability to transform, refresh and launch new brands in digital or traditional forms. By listening, and through research and analyses, we simplify complexities and create meaningful brand stories.
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