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We are a collaborative team of designers, developers and strategists.


At ArtVersion, we focus on serving emerging brands, companies, and organizations across diverse industries. We specialize in digital design including user interface elements and design language development, along with multimedia print design. Leveraging our roots in traditional graphic design and our in-depth expertise in the digital space, we provide an integrated suite of services that seamlessly combine the best of both realms. From concept inception to final execution, our interdisciplinary team is committed to crafting impactful and cohesive user experiences. As a human-centered design agency, we work with company visionaries and change-makers to deliver solutions that not only meet but surpass client expectations. By keeping pace with industry trends and technological innovations, we position our clients a step ahead in a competitive market.


Since 1999, ArtVersion has been at the forefront of design and technology, forging a legacy of innovation and creativity. Our expertise—rooted in visual communications and fused with future-proof usability, we pride ourselves on transforming ideas into immersive user experiences.

ArtVersion design agency Chicago office.


Our design team is nationally recognized, with an impressive collection of over a hundred prestigious awards reflecting our exceptional agency capabilities. The ArtVersion approach to every client’s vision is catalyzed by our efficient proficiency that transforms a concept into a visually captivating design.

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Formed on the

Design Principals

We are an interdisciplinary team of strategists, designers, and developers. We partner with company change-makers and visionaries to craft the world's most innovative brands.
We amplify unique brand stories through design — melding experiential web design, impactful art direction, and strategic branding to foster emotional consumer engagement.
Our methodologies are focused on your end-user and target audience. Grounded in best practices, accessibility standards, and analytical insights, ArtVersion delivers cohesive solutions that span both print and digital.
Renowned for simplifying complex processes, our expertise in user-focused design ensures consistency and attention to details that truly matter across various disciplines.
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We are curiosity-driven, inspired by good design, innovative web technologies and cool brands.

Our purpose

Elevating Brands Through Design-led Strategies for Aligned Business Objectives

Collaborating with influential startups and established companies, the ArtVersion team uncovers unique design opportunities that encapsulate the essence of each brand. Through our expertise in interactive design, we assist brands in forging meaningful connections with their audiences, consequently solidifying their legacies. Our focus at its core is human-centric design — crafting visually compelling, design-led narratives that resonate with users and reinforce the brand ethos.

Team members collaborate at Chicago creative agency, and full-service creative agency, ArtVersion.

Our Clients

We regularly work with numerous global companies and organizations. Collaborating closely with their internal marketing, development, and innovation teams, our expertise plays diverse roles—from acting as the primary creative agency of record to providing art direction for specific digital design projects. Our approach blends established frameworks with a user-centered mindset, offering a fresh perspective on problem-solving.

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At the core of our success is a profound knowledge of the dynamic digital space and an unwavering aim for perfection. Our interdisciplinary team collaborates to craft timeless solutions tailored to our clients’ aspirations. By utilizing industry standards, we offer compelling user-centric experiences that resonate, engage, and foster brand loyalty. Our human-centered design approach, combined with over two decades of unwavering dedication to pushing the boundaries of creativity, solidified us as a premier design provider for the world’s most influential organizations. Looking forward to creating award-winning designs for your brand, too.

Built on tenacity

This is our legacy

Established in the late nineties in Chicago by Goran Paun, a renowned designer specializing in UI/UX design, ArtVersion began as a small brand design studio. With a keen focus on digital design and legacy in brand design, a leadership team started crafting seamless user experiences for the web. Under this guidance, ArtVersion expanded its disciplines and evolved into a full-service creative agency that’s highly respected in the design industry. While ArtVersion’s expertise is sought-after across the nation, the team’s core values and cultural ethos remain deeply anchored in their Chicago roots, with the majority of the collective residing in the Chicagoland area.

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Our Services

ArtVersion is an industry-leading design agency specializing in branding, web design, graphic design and user experience. With an in-house team that is highly collaborative, our work aims to provide the purpose. We infuse creativity with research, ensuring that each project we undertake is both visually compelling and strategically sound. Driven by a passion for innovation and a dedication to delivering excellence, our team aims to transform visions into tangible results. Whether you're a startup disrupting a new segment or an established enterprise seeking fresh perspectives, our team is eager to partner with you, crafting digital experiences that truly set you apart in the marketplace.

Through continuous iteration and learning, we help our clients enhance resilience, minimize innovation risks, and provide advanced, user-centric solutions that address core human needs.

As a creative agency, we place a great deal of value on diversity, ingenuity, imagination, and storyline expression in all its forms. We constantly strive to push the boundaries of innovation. And we know that innovation can only be achieved through the creativity that comes from a diverse range of perspectives and backgrounds.

That’s why we are committed to cultivating an inclusive workplace that nurtures creative thinkers, where everyone is valued for who they are, regardless of their background. This is how we fuel innovation.

What's your passion?

We work hard. We work together.

Awards and Honors


Inc. Power Partner

w3 Tripple Gold Winner

The Lovie Awards Shortlisted

First Place Ranking Best Design Agencies

First Place Leader in Design

First Place Winner Top 100 Graphic Design Agencies


Best Web Design Agency in Chicago

Vega Digital Awards 3x Winner

W3 Gold & Silver Winner for Web Design

Top Design Consultancy in Chicago


Platinum Winner Best Visual Design

LIT 2X Gold Winner

Top Digital Design Consultancy

Top Branding Agency of 2021


Google Mobile Excellence & Usability

Top Design Agency

Vega Digital Awards Centauri


Marking a quarter-century of innovation and creative excellence, ArtVersion has continually set the benchmark in design that resonates and endures.


We utilize design thinking to transform complex challenges into innovative solutions for a broad range of clients.


Across the industry, we are known for our ability to simplify complex processes.


We are a team of collaborators who forge meaningful partnerships.


Turning design intricacies into user experiences for leading brands and organizations.


Where experts meet to innovate.


Our culture is deeply rooted in collaboration and creativity.


We leverage the art of creative storytelling in digital marketing to transform brand narratives into engaging user experiences.


Engaging a creative agency and finding the right design consultancy.


Our work mirrors our essence, showcasing the reasons companies seek to collaborate with us.


Commitment to sustainability for today—for the future.


We help companies become leaders in their field by providing visual design and communications.


From startups to Fortune 500 brands, we are fortunate to work with many of the world’s leading companies.


From leveraging on industry and market research to creative thinking and innovative applications, we bring every discipline to the table to form a personalized suite for each brand.


ArtVersion has timelessly transcended the expected since 1999.