When variable data publishing solution FusionPro VDP was seeking to develop a more user-centered approach to creating personalized customer communication, they engaged ArtVersion in UI/UX strategies for their industry-leading software to deliver stronger impact and improve response rates.

Scope of work included

User-Centered Tools

Bringing template design, data file definition, business logic and print stream creation together into one platform, the optimized platform goal was to produce a more scalable, intuitive, customer-centric, revenue-generating method of creating marketing materials.

brand standards
logo design
ui ux platform

User-Friendly Workflow

Serving businesses from start-up to enterprise, the ArtVersion and FusionPro teams collaborated to discuss the specific needs of each user set, allowing each to produce graphically rich documents individualized to each recipient using a single easy-to-use desktop VDP solution. Through a streamlined look and feel, ArtVersion designed micro-interactions and simple content calls-to-action, to empower users with the creative tools at their fingertips to create communications with impact and relevance as well as manage a large library of stylized document templates and manage all volumes of variable data output.

print interface design

Flexible Features & Design Integration

Integrating with industry standard creative software, the desktop platform gives users a seamless plug-and-play interface for document creation. Templated rules offer an ease of use in quick completion of tasks, with a graphical user interface that merges variable input to highly complex, data-rich document creation possible. The proposed end result is an easily accessible desktop app that allows the user to accomplish more in less time with a professional result, keeping up with customer demand and providing timely collateral.