With an eye on promoting advanced machine learning and comprehensive artificial intelligence systems, Volvo came to ArtVersion in need of redesigning user experiences and user interfaces for their annual UPTIME dealer event. With other competitors pursuing similar AI endeavors and technological breakthroughs, it became evident that a striking visual communications strategy would be critical to further differentiate Volvo’s UPTIME event as a leading automotive exhibition. ArtVersion was challenged to generate a seamless exhibitor and attendee registration portal that simplified the sign-up process and unified the brand experience for the Volvo Trucks brand through data-driven design. In doing so, the power of synthesized truck data would become harmonized for thousands of dealers across the country.


Scope of work included

Strategy Integration

Harnessing on the Volvo’s national visibility and scale, ArtVersion went to work on an enterprise registration platform that combined a sleek interface with approved corporate imagery in order to handle the demand of attendees and exhibitors that would follow. Through strategic wireframing exercises, select image curation and structured thematics, details of Volvo Trucks’ advanced automation systems shined through with elevated clarity for dealers, attendees & exhibitors. After carefully analyzing UPTIME’s previous website information architecture, ArtVersion came through with intelligent user journey strategies that enabled a more fluent check-in process for guest registration.


web wireframes event designs

The Enterprise WordPress Platform

The enterprise platform also re-established cohesion between conference and expo connecting through hotel APIs and other travel accommodations. Its format was infused with e-commerce functionality that supported the event’s logistical complexities. Featuring CDN and localization technologies built on the platform’s backend, the registration site carried cutting-edge mobility and algorithms to handle thousands of concurrent connections. Algorithms were coded on the backend to calculate booth square footage costs for attendees in real-time.

event ui/ux
uptime registration ui/ux
Platform UI/UX
Platform UI/UX
Platform UI/UX

Web Design

Through the reimagined registration site and re-branded domain, the outcome was compelling. Volvo Trucks’ themed message of automation, connectivity and electromobility came to the forefront in a sharp web design that was more inviting and user-friendly. Not only did the registration site facilitate more ease in booking reservations, but it also accomplished improved traffic. UPTIME’s digital channels masterfully communicated the power of Volvo’s methods for synthesizing data to predict & prevent unplanned stops by their trucks segment.

Mobile Design UI/UX

The Result

Within days of the site’s launch, its integrated technology garnered record-setting registration numbers reinforcing the brand as a truck & engine manufacturer with a robust supporting dealer network. Subsequently, in 2019, ArtVersion took home honors for this work from the prestigious Vega Digital Awards, earning recognition for best in several categories including Automotive Web Design, Events Web Design, Transportation Web Design, and User Experience. The project remains a benchmark for excellence in experiential design.

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