Mack truck emblem bulldog.

Built for the Road Ahead

The journey always begins with a destination. For Mack®, an affiliate of the Volvo Group, a revamped dealership education model and development of the Mack Trucks Academy program was to be a step in a promising direction.

Founded in 1900 and serviced across more than 45 countries worldwide, Mack Trucks is one of the largest North American manufacturers of heavy-duty Class 8 trucks, engines and transmission. Mack is the truck designed for drivers, so they needed an advanced creative partner with a deep design legacy and tactful web development expertise to curate the technicalities of its “Walk the Bulldog” sales competition portal. The project would position Mack Trucks purposefully in front of general freight customers.

Walk The Bulldog street signage.

Project Disciplines

Graphic Design
UX Design
Person stands next to semi-truck.
Cash Prize
Someone sketching concepts of trucks.
A home page web design screen for a sales competition event.
A website shown on a laptop screen for an American manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks.

Responsive Design

A "Rules and Guidelines" mobile page design.
A submit your video UX screen.
A mobile screen featuring a semi-truck.
A mobile UX/UI screen featuring an illustration of a semi-truck.
Mobile screen featuring video requirements.
Set of street posters.

UI Screens

Web Design
Two people looking at semi-truck.
Video UX screen for desktop.
A UX/UI screen featuring a semi-truck.
A UX/UI screen featuring a semi-truck illustration.
Bronze Brown
Fleet White
Midnight Black

Color Selections

In Mack's "Walk the Bulldog" sales competition, the design concept strategically integrates "Bronze Brown" to symbolize the durability of their trucks, while "Fleet White" adds a touch of modernity and safety. "Midnight Black" enhances the overall sophistication, underscoring Mack's premium status in the industry. Together, these three colors visually reinforce the enduring strength, innovation, and professionalism synonymous with Mack trucks.

Street signs advertising the client's sales competition.